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How to activate Quickbooks Desktop Payroll with the Help of Quickbook Support Number

If you start using QuickBooks for your business and don’t know how to activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you are going with the right page, today we will learn how to activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll when you purchased it online or by phone with the help of QuickBooks Support Number.

Now the question will arise: Have you purchased QuickBooks Desktop Payroll online or by phone? If yes, then users need to activate the service in QuickBooks Desktop by entering the service key.

In case, if they would have bought the payroll service from a retail store or offline, then they can activate their payroll license online to get the service key. For getting service key online, we are here for your help, we request you to follow the following steps listed below by following this, you will get to know how to activate a payroll service key.

You can Get your service key :

Once you will get your payroll service, then you will also get an email of your service key over your mail. You must enter the service key in QuickBooks Desktop to activate the service.

In some cases, if users do not have their service key, they can use our Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery Key Tool. If you want to use it then you must sign in using your Intuit Account login.

There are some automated tools may not work if:

  • Your company has multiple payroll orders in our system
  • You purchased your payroll product from a retail store
  • The business phone number you provided did not match our records
  • Need to enter the service key in QuickBooks Desktop

In order to enter the service key in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Click & select Payroll, then select Enter Service Key by clicking on Employee’s menu.
  2. In case, if user is using an existing payroll subscription, then they are prompted to specify if anyone want to add this file to their payroll subscription.
    Click & select Skip to go to the Service Key window, or click on Add File, by clicking on it, you are able to add file to an existing Payroll subscription.
  3. Click & select Add.
  4. You can enter the service key, and select Next.
    You will get a confirmation message.
  5. Click & select Finish.

Your QuickBooks Desktop downloads the latest tax table and verifies your payroll subscription.

The Payroll Center :

When users get enter into their service key in QuickBooks Desktop, they can see the Payroll Center on the Employees menu.If you want to use payroll Center as your home base for paying employees, paying payroll taxes and payroll liabilities, and preparing your payroll tax forms. Anyone can use this kind of services by using payroll center. If you are looking to open the Payroll Center, click & select the Employees menu, and select Payroll Center.

In some cases. Users can also open it by clicking the employee center and then select the payroll tab.

You will find that the Payroll Center is only available to customers subscribed to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (Basic, Standard, Enhanced, or Assisted).

Users can also get access along with different features and functions from the Payroll Center’s tabs.

Pay Employees tab

There are some benefits of using the Pay Employees tab:

  • You can pay your employees.
  • You can also set up payroll schedules.
  • By using it, you can write an unscheduled paycheck, such as a bonus check or a termination check.
  • It helps to edit or void a paycheck.

Pay Liabilities tab

Uses of Pay Liabilities tab:

  • It helps to pay taxes and payroll liabilities
  • You can set up taxes and other payroll items

File Forms tab :

If you are using file forms tab than you can easily prepare and file payroll tax with the help of it.

For more information, see Prepare payroll tax forms.

Users can manage payroll subscription.

If anyone really wants to get more information about how one can manage payroll subscription and also keeps your information up to date, you need to see the following articles:

  • You can manage your payroll subscription.
  • Also, helps to get the latest tax table and tax forms updates.
  • More information about QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

To get more information related to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, you need to see the following articles:

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Still, if you are getting any kind of issue, we will request you to get in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Support Team for help.