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QuickBooks error 80070057 shows an error message reporting error 80070057: If you try to open the QuickBooks company file but cannot open it, the parameter is incorrect. This error also notes that the user does not have appropriate privileges to delete the file or folder in question. You must have permission to read/write and create/remove in order to access the company file without any interruption. If any of the permissions are revoked, error 80070057 prompts the user to do the same task again.

As QuickBooks Accounts Manager builds the company file in QuickBooks 2014, and when the user attempts to open the same file and it does not open, QB error 80070057 occurs. Anytime you try to open a company file in QuickBooks 2014, an error message that says that the company file was generated in the earlier version is often shown.

You can see an error message pop up when you double-tap the file, which is Error Code 80070057. The parameter is incorrect. This form of error indicates that when opening the company file, the Manager receives QB Error 80070057, which also indicates that the Manager does not have appropriate permissions to read/write and create/delete the company file.

In case you need help with QuickBooks or need more information feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks support team.You can take advantage of its user-friendly and self-guiding features to execute the task correctly to repair this mistake.

some of the reasons for occurence of the error code 80070057 in the Quickbooks

Some triggers are provided below and you can easily correct them.

  • Whenever the user tries to open the company file by double-tapping when the file should be opened from inside QuickBooks Desktop,
  • When you are trying to open a company file saved in some other folder, the device/system has some network problems.
  • The third-party firewall does not apply correctly.
  • The antivirus used is Bit Defender, which, when data is stored between devices, blocks the various ports. Use QuickBooks Desktop for 2016, 2017 and 2018 .The database server on the host machine is running. This database service communicates via ports 56728 (2018), 56727 (2017), and 56726 (2016). Bit Defender, through the default framework, blocks these ports.

Any Other Sources of Error in QuickBooks 80070057

  • Due to Network Data Destruction (.ND)
  • Because of the QuickBooks server file permissions on the server or host device, when the user attempts to access the company file directly from the shared folder, the QuickBooks programme is unable to open the shared company files folder.
  • Wrong Internet protection and firewall settings for QuickBooks Desktop
  • When submitting invoices from QuickBooks, the anti-virus blocking QB begins to have issues.

Solution To Fix QuickBooks Error 80070057

Solution to Correct Error 80070057 in the QuickBooks

Solution 1: Loading files with .nd

  • Install a fresh copy of the configuration file Network Data (.nd) in the business folder.
  • You have to log all users off and close all systems with QuickBooks apps.
  • Sign in as a Windows Administrator and navigate to the QuickBooks Company File folder.
  • And after that, search for .nd linked to problems with the company register.
  • Finally, either rename it or delete it once you get the file. As an outcome, in both cases, the file is created automatically. In addition, the QuickBooks network data file can approve new network settings to verify workstation usability.

Solution 2 Using QuickBooks Server Manager for Databases

  • On the Server or File Hosting device, open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and search the company file folder again.
  • And after that, search the Windows Taskbar for QuickBooks Database Server Manager and tap the icon to open it.
  • Select the Scan option or tap Add Folder if you find that the company file folder is already specified.
  • Then, you have to navigate to the position of the folder, then select the folder and pick it.
  • After this, simply tap the scan as advised in the earlier phase.
  • In order to make it available to all QuickBooks workstations, the scan basically reconfigures the QuickBooks File Sharing rights and reports the errors for QuickBooks’ firewall and Internet protection settings or if QuickBooks is disabled by an antivirus programme.
  • Then open the file from the host or server device, and then from the system that displayed the error code 80070057 for QuickBooks.
  • If you don’t get the solution to your 80070057 error in QuickBooks, switch to the next solution.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Desktop Clean Installation.

Perform a clean installation during QuickBooks Desktop uninstallation and reinstallation.

Solution 4: Download the QuickBooks File Doctor and run it.

  • You simply need to download and properly instal the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. Get this tool going now.

Solution 5 Configure Bit Defender to allow Desktop Communication for QuickBooks

  • Enable QuickBooks Desktop Communication via Bitdefender configuration:
  • And after that, go to the menu for Bitdefender 10.0 and choose Antivirus.
  • You need to pick the Custom Level now.
  • Thereafter, pick Exclude from the scan path.
  • Then, you must choose a new piece.
  • Finally, select the mapped drive or UNC route that effectively puts “Q:/” in the company register.

Note: For QuickBooks experts, please keep the QuickBooks File Doctor window open to take a peek. Later on, it might be appropriate to do most of the steps again and take more time.

Seeking Conclusion

QuickBooks Error 80070057 happens whenever the QuickBooks account manager creates the company file and users attempt to open the same company file at the same time, so the “80070057 Parameter is incorrect” error pops up in QuickBooks. You need to search a company file folder with the aid of QuickBooks Database Server Manager to correct this mistake. By implementing all of the above remedies, if the error problem still persists, then contact our QuickBooks support number for assistance. You can also contact us by writing us an email ( for guidance. For more information about QuickBooks, you can visit our website at

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