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Fix QuickBooks error code 179 with the help of QuickBooks Support Phone Number

Small and medium-sized enterprises need to be careful in the amount and types of applications they use in their everyday activities. Many organizations tend to use software which is capable of simultaneously performing multiple functions. Intuit QuickBooks is software for accounting which checks all the correct boxes. Apart from the other similar uses, the software may be used to manage sales and expenditures. Although it provides many advanced features and functionality, when particular components fail, users run into problems.

QuickBooks Error Code 179 is one such problem. This blog is to help you patch Error 179 in QuickBooks. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact our QuickBooks experts by dialing our QuickBooks support Phone number if you need any assistance or have any queries.

Let us discuss the QuickBooks error code 179 in detail.

When users attempt to access their bank accounts via QuickBooks but are unable to access their account data, QuickBooks Error 179 is thrown away. Authorization issues that prohibit users from downloading account data are more likely to be correlated with the problem. Perhaps one of the most common reasons for QuickBooks Error 179 is listed down.

Missing entries in lists.

  • Other fatal errors in QuickBooks Desktop that leads to formation of a chain of errors.
  • The balance sheet reports are not updated in other accounts that results in an error.
  • Differences in records such as negative values in invoices and bills.
  • Values in transaction log files do not count with the total amount of transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Miscellaneous errors in company files such as lost transaction data.
  • Incorrectly showed deposited payments in the Payments to Deposit window.

Procedures for fixing error 179 in QuickBooks :

QuickBooks Error 179 is often a non-technical problem that can be fixed by making small changes to the programme or browser. To resolve the problem, follow the techniques in the order given.

Method 1: Browser Problem Troubleshooting

Browser cookies are infamous for causing problems, not only with QuickBooks, but also with other applications.

First, on all machines on the network where QuickBooks Desktop is installed, log out of the bank’s website.
After that, uninstall the browsing history and remove the cache for any user account through which you might have accessed QuickBooks and the bank account.
Thereafter, log in to the browser’s bank account and try to access QuickBooks information.

Method 2: Financial Institution Data Upgrade

Where there is a mismatch in the data, QuickBooks Desktop cannot pull in the bank account information. Make sure that the information entered in QuickBooks is compatible with the bank data.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and tap on the Tools option.
  • Then from the menu, choose the Online Center as well as select the Financial Institution, i.e. your bank, from the list.
  • After that, click the Ctrl and F3 buttons together on your keyboard and choose Contact Info.
  • Then, set the profile and branding information to ‘Needs to Update’ and make the necessary adjustments and, if
  • requested, click Update/Send.
  • Log in to the bank account and try to access the QuickBooks info.
  • You will have to make improvements to the Windows Registry if it still doesn’t function.

Method 3: Restore the Registry of Windows

The Windows Registry stores QuickBooks Desktop options and settings. Often, by making a backup and restoring the programme, the error can be fixed.

Firstly, open the Windows registry entry by entering Regedit in the command prompt.

If you want to back up the whole registry, right-click the Device icon and click Export. This will generate a backup of all software, including QuickBooks software, such as QuickBooks Pro, that has been installed on the system in the .reg file extension backup folder.

While the first two approaches are sufficient to fix QuickBooks Error 179, it is rarely necessary to restore the Windows Registry to resolve the error. In particular, this move is very dangerous as it may also interrupt the operation of other applications and could require a professional’s assistance for QuickBooks to correct the error.


In this article, all of the methods listed above will probably contribute to the removal of QuickBooks 179 error code. We only want you to receive from us the perfect advice or assistance. But, you can contact us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number at any time when you still encounter any issue or have any concerns about the above-mentioned possible methods to fix the problem and our team of experts with their competent experience is always ready to help you solve problems and do their best to guide you well. Alternatively, at, you can contact us. Our executives are still available 24*7 to help you out. And please visit our website at for more information about QuickBooks.

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