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Effective ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6000-77

An error code in QuickBooks that reveals that your company code is saved in an unsuitable folder is QuickBooks error 6000-77. In folders with the extension .QBW, which is regarded as the QuickBooks company register, QuickBooks stores all your business transactions and online bank transfers. You can not merge a file into several other files, but to make a backup, you can copy it and transfer it to another location. Technical problems such as QuickBooks error 6000-77 will result from a company file stored in the wrong place.

QuickBooks error message 6000-77 appears suddenly on the screen and dial our QuickBooks error support number and dial our QuickBooks error support number for an urgent patch and speak to a committed error resolution practitioner.

Complete Summary of the Error Code 6000-77 in the QuickBooks

You will see an error message on the screen when the QuickBooks error 6000-77 occurs: “We’re sorry. There was an issue with QuickBooks. In addition, the error message also explains the condition, reasons, and troubleshooting suggestions for the error accompanied by the error code (-6000-77). There are multi-faceted factors responsible for the presence of the error message. You will get to know about the causes of the error and quick solutions to fix it in this article.

 Some of the common Sources of Error 6000-77 in QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks error 6000-77-77 can result from any of the causes listed below.

  • Your company file has been saved by an external storage while it should be there in the local drive or network
  • A reference was taken from the mapped drive to open the .QBW file.
  • The folder containing the QuickBooks Company file indicates “Incorrect Permission to Folder.”
  • In the multi-user environment, QuickBooks operates, causing QuickBooks error 6000-77.

Note: Often, error-fixing simply allows the QuickBooks programme to restart. Otherwise, you need to follow the solutions that this blog discusses.

Intuit QB error message code 6000-77: Most favoured solutions to overcome

To resolve the error code, adopt the resolutions in the sequence given below (-6000-77)-

Solution 1- Start running File Doctor QuickBooks

  • The corrupted or damaged company file, and finally the error caused by the damage, is restored by the QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor from the approved website of Intuit
  • Start running the tool and wait until the process ends.
  • Then, check if the message 6000-77 of the QB error code still exists.

Solution 2- Rename files with .ND & .TLG extensions

Renaming of the corresponding .QBW files with various .ND and .TLG a helpful tool can be .Follow the steps below-

  • Open the folder with your company file stored in QuickBooks
  • Check files with .ND & .TLG extensions
  • Then right-click on these files, and pick the Rename option when the drop-down opens.
  • That after listed extensions, add the “old” word and press Enter to save it

Solution 3- Adjust Settings for Firewall & Security Applications to Favor Error-Resolution

Your Firewall Settings Internet Protection Software will block the Internet link necessary to conduct specific QuickBooks operations. Changing these settings would allow the software to connect to the Internet and repair the 6000-77 QB error code.

  • Go to your system’s Advanced Settings and automatically configure the firewall ports.
  • Manually configure particular firewall ports, whether they are dynamic,
  • If you have multi-year versions of QuickBooks, you need to add an exception to the Firewall port for each version.
  • For specific instructions, follow the Add Windows Firewall Exceptions post.

Solution 4- Impaired folder recreation causing QuickBooks Enterprise Error 6000-77

If the QuickBooks Desktop error message 6000-77 is still present, then follow the next step—

  • Open C: Drive to build a new folder on your drive.
  • Then go to the folder that contains the file .QBW
  • Right-click on the .QBW extension file and choose Copy from the drop-down menu.
  • Then open the folder you recently created and paste your copied company file into the folder.
  • First, describe the permission to share Windows company files
  • Open the QB file from the new folder and check the progress of the QB error message code 6000-77 for corrections.

Solution 5- Replace the UNC Route Mapped Drive

It might be beneficial to use the UNC route as an alternative to the mapped drive to overcome the error code (6000-77). Accomplish the task by carefully completing the instructions listed below—

  • Right-click on the QB icon to simultaneously press the CTRL key.
  • Your previous activity will open a drop-down menu to select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Then, long-press CTRL to open the window of No Business
  • Follow this series of file selections, then pick Open or Restore Business by selecting Open Company File after clicking Next.
  • Then, in the panel on the left, choose Network
  • Go to the folder containing the Company File for QuickBooks
  • Specify the permission of the folder to open and access the file


One of the most irritating technological error codes 6000-77 can be fixed by the above outlined solutions. However, if you want a dedicated professional to direct you through the QuickBooks error 6000-77 troubleshooting strategies, please contact us at our QuickBooks Support Number. You can also contact us for advice by sending us an email ( You can visit our website at for more information about QuickBooks.

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