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Learn to fix run-time error in QuickBooks Point of Sale with QuickBooks POS Support.

QuickBooks POS has been accepted as the most broadly utilized budgetary solution for each business. If we look from transactional activities to payroll management, the point of sale capacities directed by the software product isn’t just simple however exact.

There are, obviously, certain examples where specialized issues emerge to interfere with the activity. In this article we will learn about one of the QuickBooks Errors Code that happens while you’re utilizing it is the QuickBooks POS error 140205.

QuickBooks POS error 140205 is a run-time error that happens while you attempt to run the product on your system. In this article we will learn to fix the run time error in QuickBooks Point of sale. You can Call QuickBooks point of sale support to find out about the error and its repercussions and also about the ways to resolve the error.

Why does the QuickBooks POS Error 140205 Occurs?

The causes of the error are listed below:

  • When some system issue is present
  • In case the POS security certificate is damaged.
  • If there is no connection between the database and the QuickBooks POS merchandizing software.

The error can occur because of any of the above mentioned reasons, however a definitive effect is the equivalent and that is your work will suffer. The error appears with the following message that states “QuickBooks POS Error 140205: Point of Sale encountered a database connection error.” As soon as you get the error appears, you ought to promptly take a stab at settling it, to protect your information from being lost.

For further assistance, you can Call QuickBooks point of sale support.


Ways to fix the error code 140205 QuickBooks POS

Solution 1: by refreshing the connection between POS database and merchandising QuickBooks Desktop

Stage 1: Remove the connection

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop, from there select the Edit menu
  • Then choose Preferences
  • And Select Integrated Applications
  • Click Company Preferences tab
  • After that click on QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • And Choose Remove
  • Now repeat the steps 5 and 6 if the QuickBooks Point of Sale is listed multiple times
  • And click OK
  • After that open the QB POS system

Stage 2: Re-establish the connection

  • Firstly ensure to close all QuickBooks files that are running currently.
  • Then go to File menu
  • From there select Preferences
  • And choose Company
  • Now select Financial
  • Then deselect the Use with QuickBooks Financial Software box
  • And click on Save
  • Now move to the Financial menu.
  • And choose Financial Center.
  • Then click on the Set up QuickBooks Connection Now option available under the Summary section.
  • And you get the QuickBooks Connection Wizard. Follow the instructions as prompted
  • And run financial exchange

Solution 2: By running the POS connectivity tool

  • Firstly download the tool from a reliable online source.
  • After that run it to identify the network and other issues involved.
  • It will get the error rectified.

It is the QuickBooks Desktop error that influences the entire system, prompting the danger of the loss of information, which can’t be managed by organization. As the loss of information will affect them badly.

We really hope we were able to provide you the content to resolve your queries. In case, the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, feel free to contact us on QuickBooks POS Support. You can also send us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can stay in touch with our experts available all round the clock and available geographically. With the constant support QuickBooks POS Support, you may feel tension free while you are on a run to QuickBooks. You can also visit @  www.quickbooksupport.net

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