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QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting tool that allows users to set up direct deposits in QuickBooks and manage them. Using the Direct deposit feature, an active payroll subscription with the QuickBooks Desktop will help you pay your workers directly into their accounts. You ought to set up a bank account to use the QuickBooks Payroll direct deposit feature. By setting up direct deposit for your company, you could add and easily pay the data of your employee. We will explain how to pay for the direct deposit on QuickBooks in this article.

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Stuff you have to remember before Direct Deposit for QuickBooks Payroll

  • The suggestions below will help you effectively handle direct deposits in QuickBooks and avoid several common mistakes:
  • Using a check to enter bank account details for direct deposits and stop using a deposit slip. For direct deposits, the data on a deposit slip is not always accurate.
  • Ensure that the account details are within the United States because Automated Clearing House (ACH) procedures are different outside the United States and do not apply to the QuickBooks application.
  • If you are using pay cards for direct deposit to QuickBooks Online, then contact your card provider for information about routing and account number.If the employee’s bank tells you that the account should be marked as a money market, let your employees understand that only checking or savings accounts are accepted by QuickBooks, so they should prefer checking.
  • The employee would have to get the routing number for the bank or other financial institutions in order to save accounts.
  • The money market accounts of employees can be used for direct deposit before ACH transactions are accepted by them. Ask the worker to verify their choice with their bank whether the money market account should be tagged as savings or checking.

How to set up an employee by direct deposit to get paid?

Holding every information in your mind, as described in the points above, you can continue to set an employee direct deposit for QuickBooks payroll. Follow the instructions mentioned below cautiously:

  • To open your employee list, go to the Employees tab and select the Employee Center.
  • Double-click the name of the employee you would like to set up for direct deposit now.
  • Then, the Payroll Details tab needs to be picked.
  • To go further, click the button for Direct Deposit.
  • Select Use Direct Deposit for [name of employee] from inside the Direct Deposit window.
  • When you want to deposit the paycheck into one or two accounts, make your pick.
  • Provide the financial institution details of the employee which may include the name of the bank, Routing No., Account No., and type of account.
  • When choosing the two bank accounts, you have to ask your employee in the first account what percentage of payment he wants to earn. The amount left goes to the second account.
  • To save the given details about the employee, click OK.
  • Ultimately, when asked, enter your direct deposit PIN.


Let us inform you that Intuit will request you to verify a test deposit if you are confused how to check the direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop. In QuickBooks, the steps listed in this post will help you to handle and set up a direct deposit. However, if you have any questions in mind, such as how to change the QuickBooks Desktop payroll bank account, give us a phone call on our QuickBooks phone number. You can easily handle direct deposits in QuickBooks by reaching out to a licenced experts. You can also contact us at ( by sending us an email for assistance. For more information about QuickBooks, you can browse our website at

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