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Call QuickBooks Customer Support to know How to Unvoid a Check in QuickBooks Desktop?

Avoiding a check requires undoing the check you have voided. For paychecks, there is no automatic unavoidability feature in QuickBooks. You ought to use the Audit Trail report to figure out and redeem the precise figures that were on the paycheck to get it done. Re-entering the number would allow you to stop the current transaction. There are different times where you will need to void a transaction, such as when you need to cancel all transaction-related payments, known as ‘zeroing out.’ To stop reviewing QuickBooks, read this article until the end.

If you are considering how to unvoid a payroll check in the QuickBooks Desktop just send us a call to our customer service number and get instant help from certified QuickBooks experts.

Methods to unvoid a check in QuickBooks  Online

  • As we have mentioned above, in QuickBooks Online, there is no direct way to prevent a search. You’ll have to re-enter the transaction into QuickBooks Online to get the job done. To find the information specified on the check, follow the instructions mentioned below:
  • Navigate to and open the voided transaction.
  • From the bottom of the page, hit the option called ‘More’ and afterwards enter Audit History.
  • Select View Everything, and the initial transaction information and any changes that have already been made to the transaction will be shown.
  • Then write down the details that you’ll need to enter the transaction as needed.

Note: If a transaction is invalid, the sum must be zero (known as zeroing out). You ought to make sure that the transaction entered is correct before re-entering the transaction.

  • Then click the back button for the voided transaction to re-enter.
  • Now that you know how to stop logging into QuickBooks Online, follow the QuickBooks Desktop process.

How to Un void a check in the QuickBooks Desktop ?

There is no clear way to undo the procedure after you have voided an invoice. You may, however, use the Audit log option to access the information and re-enter them:

  • In the first location, pick the Gear icon.
  • After that, under the Tools option, select Audit Log.
  • Afterwards, select User Date and Events filters from inside the Filter list.
  • To proceed further, select the Apply option.
  • Go to your invalidated invoice.
  • In the history column, press View.
  • Then write down the Audit History transaction information and then use that to generate a new invoice.

Note: QuickBooks can recover the specifics of the original transaction when you undo a voided transaction.

Then, in the deleted/voided transaction ledger, you have the voided transaction and the newly restored one.


The measures described in this post will help you understand how a voided check in QuickBooks can be avoided or reversed. Give us a call on our QuickBooks customer support number if you are facing any technical discomfort and need professional assistance and it will connect you with one of our certified experts who will direct you to avoid checking into QuickBooks Desktop or Online depending on your needs. By sending us an email for assistance, you can also contact us at ( You can browse our website at for more information about Quickbooks at any time.

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