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Advantages Of Using Cloud Hosted Quickbooks Support

A feature-rich accounting software like QuickBooks can be used to manage accounts, prepare personalized invoices and keep a track of several expenses. But, if you are confused how QuickBooks Cloud hosting is way different from QuickBooks online, then you should go through the benefits that QuickBooks Cloud actually offer.

Saves time and money

As many businesses move on in using QuickBooks Cloud hosting, they were able to cut down on costs. This wasn’t the case with QuickBooks online. Comparatively, the latter offers a suite of features at low cost which is actually beneficial for any enterprise.

Offers many features

If you have to work with QuickBooks online, then you might not avail features like creating purchase orders, managing inventory, paying bills online, and assigning different prices to items. On the other hand, Cloud Hosted QuickBooks offers you more when considered as an application. As you transform the experience, you get the same look and feel as it might be observed with other editions or versions.

Great functionality

While you are using Cloud hosted QuickBooks, you can imagine as if you have been working with your personal computer. Owing to the interface and the layout, the user experience is considerably enhanced. Moreover, you can’t enjoy as many features as it was with the application on the cloud.

Support Accessibility

When you opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting services, you avail more than one product and it also implies to recruit a group of professionals. QuickBooks technical support is included once you purchase everything associated with QuickBooks Cloud. You can always seek assistance whenever you face issues or going to use the accounting tool for the first time.

Third Party Software Integration

Syncing softwares with QuickBooks is pretty easy and simple. You can do away with manual data entry, reconcile accounts with ease, create invoices automatically, and view data at one location. Once integrated with ACT, the information would be populated corresponding to the entries in the accounting tool.

Saves you from data conversion

In case the users are working with a standard or the most popularly used version of QuickBooks, then you need to convert data when it has to be exported into a sheet. But, once you start enjoying the QuickBooks hosting services, you don’t have to worry about data conversion.

Create customized documents

With cloud-hosted QuickBooks, letters can easily be presented as word documents the way it should be. But, this feature is absent with templates that are offered by QuickBooks online.


Aids for generating comprehensive reports

Apart from letting you roll out different reports, the data stored in cloud hosted QuickBooks can always be exported into an Excel sheet. While you can add columns for making notes, there’s always a feature to add gridlines or formulae. You fetch data anytime for a time period even if you have specified an earlier date.


So, with aforementioned features, QuickBooks hosting is much better than QuickBooks online due to its unique features. Do contact the technical support team if you wish to know more about the bookkeeping tool.

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