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Call QuickBooks Support Phone Number to learn to resolve the QuickBooks Web Connect Import Error “No New Transactions”

When importing a Web Connect (.QBO) file from your bank’s website, you can receive a “no new transactions” error when importing QuickBooks Web Connect. The error message says that new transactions are not available. There are some potential explanations for this mistake, such as a corrupt company file for QuickBooks. You will be unable to download your bank transactions into QuickBooks when the error occurs. In this article, we will address how to correct the “no new transactions” QuickBooks Web Connect import mistake.

You can send us a call to our error support number to get help from certified QuickBooks experts if you are not sure how to re-import bank transactions from QuickBooks.

What are the potential reasons behind the Import Error for QuickBooks Web Connect?

Because of the details below, you will get “no new transactions” when importing transactions from your bank’s website using QuickBooks Web Connect:

  • It is likely that they have already imported the transactions.
  • This irritating mistake can also be caused by the damaged QuickBooks business file.
  • Your declaration for Web Link (.QBO) includes dates that were previously imported into the company register.
  • And there are some new transactions in the Web Link register.

How to Correct the Import Error for QuickBooks Web Link Bank Transaction?

Since you are aware of the common causes behind QuickBooks Web Connect Import error “no new transactions” problem, follow the instructions below to correct the error.

Solution 1: Check the dates

Firstly, you ought to make sure that the date range of the Web Link file that is imported is right and does not overlap. For example, once the transactions for a month have been imported, the next time you have to import the transactions for another date or later. Any date should not be included. This practice will help you to avoid the “no new transactions” problem with the QuickBooks Web Link import error.

Solution 2: Switch to the Register mode

If the import error for QuickBooks Web Connect persists after the import has been reviewed, you have to move to the register mode: date range,

  • Click Edit and then go to the Preferences button.
  • Then select Search from the left pane, and afterwards switch to the Business Preferences tab.
  • To go on, press Classic Mode in the Bank Feeds section (Register Mode).
  • To conclude the mission, hit OK.

If you still have trouble with the QuickBooks Web Connect import error ‘No new transactions’ problem, try the next troubleshooting technique.

Solution 3: Try uploading a file from the test company

We will try to download the transactions into a new company register during the next troubleshooting operation. If no mistake is seen, it implies that the concern is with the bank or the corporate register. To carry out the test, follow the instructions mentioned just below:

  • Go to the File menu, and then press New Company.
  • You’ll have to click on Express Start next.
  • Add the incorrect bank account to the Chart of Accounts on the newly created test paper.
  • You need to set up your account in the Bank Feeds after that.
  • Ultimately, to verify the account, attempt to download the transactions.

If there is an error that reads: no new transactions are open, then the Web Connect (.QBO) file has a problem. You have to search the Web Link (.QBO) file for obvious errors in this situation. When none of the aforementioned solutions helps in the bug fixing process, contact your bank.

Conclusion :

The steps discussed in this post will help with your “How do I import missing QuickBooks transactions?” query? ”. If you ever need help from our experienced QuickBooks practitioners, make sure to give us a call on our QuickBooks Support Phone Number. Describe the symptoms of the QuickBooks Web Link import error “no new transactions” problem until you are linked to a dedicated expert and get instant technical assistance. You can also contact us at ( by sending us an email for assistance. You can browse our site at any time for more information on QuickBooks at

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