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In case you are looking for ways to correct the 99001 error in QuickBooks? Would you like to know what the reasons for this mistake are? What are the signs of the 99001 QB errors? If “YES” is your response, so just read this blog.

Here, we will share complete details on QuickBooks error 99001, such as exactly what this error is, the causes, the symptoms and how to easily repair it.

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QuickBooks Error 99001 messages can appear on your system screen during installation of the programme, or while installing the Windows operating system, starting or shutting down Windows, and while the QuickBooks software is running. To keep a record of when and where the error message is showing up, the issue is convenient as a vital piece of troubleshooting knowledge.

What is Error 99001 in QuickBooks?

This error code for QuickBooks means that the company file is opened in a single-user environment by any user. The user must be moved to a multi-user environment. If required, the server administrator may terminate any QuickBooks session via the Task Manager.

Basic Info about QuickBooks Error 99001 Error 99001

Error Number: 99001 990011

Error Name: QuickBooks Error 99001 Error 99001 Error Name:

Error Des: Error Code 99001: QB has encountered an issue with QuickBooks and needs to close. For the inconvenience, we are sorry.

Intuit Inc. Developer:

Computer Software: QuickBooks

Applies to: Vista, Windows XP, 7, 8

Various causes of QuickBooks Error Code 99001

In order to prevent it from reappearing in the future, QuickBooks error 99001 is a runtime error and this error can be triggered for various reasons or it is necessary to troubleshoot any possible cause. So, a list of the potential triggers is below:—

  • If the company data files are hosted on a server running the Linux operating system and more than one collection of login information is used to log in to the shared folder.
  • This is because the file is put in a read-only network permission folder.
  • When using remote applications such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, etc., the company file is accessed and the host system still assumes that the user is still logged in.
  • This error often occurs when the file is accessed in the Single User environment on another device.
  • Because of the incomplete QuickBooks programme installation process or the corrupted download of files.
  • Malware or corruption in the Windows Registry from the latest QuickBooks programme update.

Some of the effects of QuickBooks Error 99001

There is a list of some of the effects that can be seen on your machine with QuickBooks Error code 99001 runtime error:—

  • From time to time, the machine becomes unresponsive or freezes for a few seconds.
  • The error message pops up and opens the window of the active programme.
  • Windows runs very slowly due to this error and responds sluggishly.
When running the same software, the machine on which QuickBooks is mounted continually crashes.
Solutions for fixing QuickBooks Error 99001
Solution 1: Use the File Doctor for QuickBooks
With the aid of the QuickBooks file doctor, you can fix this mistake. So, first of all, you need to download and run the File Doctor for QuickBooks. That’s significant, so please take this step very carefully.
Simply move on to the next solution if this doesn’t help. But this approach is the best, since the only thing you need to do here is instal the file and try to run it.
Solution 2: Patch QuickBooks Error 99001 manually
Case 1: If a company file is opened on another workstation in Single User mode,
  1. Firstly, on all systems, you have to quit QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. After this, just open the data file of the business on the host device.
  3. You must visit the file menu bar in this stage, then choose Move to Multi-User Environment.
  4. But you perceive the same issues by chance, then reboot all workstations.

Case 2: If the company file is open on the Host device in the Single User environment.

  1. You’ll need to visit the File menu bar first, then select Near Company File.
  2. Open the company file again, then visit the File menu bar, and then press Open or Restore Company File.
  3. Select Open a company file after that, then select Next.
  4. Then, use your company file.
  5. Ultimately, in a multi-user environment, click Open File, then click Open.

Case 3: When your company file is put in a network folder that is read-only,

●      First of all, you need to visit the system that hosts your business file.

●      Simply open the folder where your business file is stored, then.

●      Right-click on the folder after that, then simply select Assets.

●      Then, go to the tab on Defense.

●      And after that, pick the user who is having trouble logging in, then choose Edit.

●      Check to allow for full control in this phase.

●      Finally, click on the Submit button, then press OK.

Case 4: If the device is accessed remotely by means of the LogMe In programme, GoToMyPC, etc.

  1. So first, in this situation, just right-click the taskbar, then click the Task Manager.
  2. After this, under the name of the user facing this problem, go to the Processes tab and see if there are running processes.
  3. Then, check if the user has processes under it, then restart the device.

Conclusion :

QuickBooks Error 99001 may occur when you attempt to instal QuickBooks, or it may also occur when you start and shut down the Windows operating system installation process. With the help of QuickBooks file doctor, you can solve this error otherwise you can manually fix this issue. However, if you face any problem, feel free to call our Quickbooks help number for Quickbooks. You can get help by dropping us an email ( In addition, you can search our website for more QuickBooks-related details by sending us an email ( to get help. In addition, you can look for more QuickBooks-related information on our website at @

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