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When the payroll liability report reveals an incorrect number, the need to change payroll liability in QuickBooks occurs. This report provides details on payroll items allocated to a liability account, deductions, and most contributions from the company. When an incorrect figure for payroll liabilities is shown in this report, you have to correct this error by changing the payroll liabilities in QuickBooks Desktop. We will explain in this blog what payroll liability is in QuickBooks and how to change a false payroll liability report.

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What does the payroll liabilities in the  QuickBooks desktop mean?

The sums you owe for the payroll things, which are not yet paid, are payroll liabilities. The list of liabilities which include payroll taxes owed by you or your corporation for various payroll procedures. Life insurance premiums, 401(k) plan contributions, child support garnishments, and union fees are the other sums that fall under payroll responsibilities.

Evident Reasons for Inconsistencies in Payroll Liability Balance Report:

Many of the calculations that QuickBooks Desktop conducts are reported in the Payroll liability account, such as taxes, business contributions, and tax deductions.

When you subscribe to a payroll service for QuickBooks Desktop goods, this account is created automatically. While developing a Payroll liability balance report, QuickBooks Desktop will yield incorrect liabilities. Below are the times where in QuickBooks you need to change payroll liabilities to rectify the mistake.

  • Incorrect payments Up to the date of payment of liability
  • A probable damage to data in the business file
  • You may not have upgraded to the new edition of QuickBooks
  • The other current liability account should be tracked if you are monitoring any other account.
  • You can see a liability in the payroll liability balance report when a paycheck is deleted or cancelled.
  • When using an inactive liability account

Change payroll liabilities instantly in QuickBooks, if any of the requirements mentioned above apply.

In QuickBooks, how do I change payroll liability?

There are different times where you can see incorrect payroll liabilities from QuickBooks. By suppressing the triggers that produce the payroll nuisance, you will fix the mistake.

Solution 1: Restore a Paycheck Removed or Voided

If you cancel a paycheck that has already paid for a payroll obligation, you will see a balance sheet with negative payroll liabilities. In this case, you can think in QuickBooks how do I zero out payroll liabilities? You need to restore a deleted or deleted one, voided paycheck for payroll liabilities already paid. Enter a negative paycheck number, which should match the amount in a removed paycheck, when creating a substitute paycheck. It will make the paycheck zero to the net number. Now that you know how to clear payroll liabilities in QuickBooks, for other reasons, see the payroll liability mistake processes.

Solution 2: Repair Incorrect Payment by Dates

You need to change payroll liabilities in QuickBooks in the month as they accrued as you reach Paid By the date of the liability payments in another month.

  • Under Staff, locate and click Payroll Center
  • Click Liability Checks from underneath the Transactions tab.
  • Navigate to the Date option in the drop-down menu and pick This Calendar Year
  • Now search if there is any future payment via dates there; delete on discovery.

Solution 3: Upgrade to the newly published edition of QuickBooks

If an obsolete version of QuickBooks causes an error, then search for available updates and instal it on your device. If the payroll liability error continues, then pursue the next approach.

Solution 4: Make use of Verify & Restore Data Utility QuickBooks

The Verify & Restore Data utility works together to address common QuickBooks based data damage problems.The Verify Data utility identifies the widely accepted data harm problems in the company file, while those problems are fixed by the Restore Data utility. To correct the error, download the QuickBooks Verify and Reconstruction Data Utility.

Conclusion :

If, because of any technical problems, you are unable to change payroll liabilities in QuickBooks, then contact our accredited error-resolution professionals. To get timely assistance, dial our QuickBooks Payroll support number. By dropping an email to us (, you can get help. However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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