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When attempting to operate a financial exchange, the QuickBooks error 140300 arrives. In QuickBooks, Error 140300 indicates that the maximum allowed number of products in your inventory of QuickBooks financial software has been reached. By observing the general data definition for Point of Sale [Sales Tax], sales and receipt data information for all items recently added will be registered in your financial software.

In the QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks users can get 14,500 (the full number of limitations). The 140300 error alerts you when it arrives. Once you have reached the maximum number of things in your QuickBooks Desktop, know what else to do.

In this blog we will discuss the potential causes of the error and ways to resolve the Quickbooks error. In case you need help with Quickbooks feel free to get in touch with our Quickbooks help and our experts will assist you.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error Code 140300 

Some triggers that evoke the QuickBooks error code 140300 in your device have been found. Let us have a glance at the reasons:

  • When new software is installed or upgraded without removing its dangerous data, by overriding the old ones
  • Because of malware, spyware, and viruses,
  • Windows Registry Error Problems
  • Device files are improperly designed to damage the Windows registry within the operating system.
  • Windows failed due to slower performance, machine crashes, freezing problems, and many more.

Some of the Symptoms of the QuickBooks error code 140300Test the following for the symptoms of error code 140300 in the QuickBooks:

  • You can no longer open an enterprise file
  • Http bug problems
  • In front of you, the blue screen appears
  • Input-Error Performance Problems
  • Shut down problems with errors

Some of the potential Solutions to Correct the QuickBooks Error Code 140300

We have mentioned below more than one solution for fixing the error code 140300 in the QuickBooks. To get rid of the mistake, obey the approaches adequately:

Solution 1: Modification of the Registry Application Data Route

  • Go to the Start button and then check for regedit.exe
  • Within the RegEdit, search for the following path:MicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Directories for HKEY_CURRENT_USER software
  • The entry known as Appdata is clicked-twice
  • Use your own local profile path to override the original value, and after that hit OK
  • Restart your computer

Solution 2: Adjusting Point of Sale preferences to submit details to QuickBooks Desktop

  • Click File, click Interests, click Company later on
  • Select a Financial Choice
  • Reach out with a segment to submit receipts and vouchers and afterwards click on the Totals of Summarized products
  • Click on the button for Save
  • Perform the QuickBooks Desktop financial exchange and start testing your issue status

Solution 3: A Full Scan with Reimage Repair Tool

  • Download your system’s Reimage repair tool and also save your file to your QuickBooks Desktop so that you can quickly access it.
  • Only open it once your file has been downloaded and afterwards start following the installation procedure.
  • When you run a programme, you are prompted by the UAC message
  • Select Yes to provide confirmation to proceed with it.
  • A home page will pop up in front of you when you click on a programme.
  • Leave the tick option unchecked to set the reimage tool to conduct automatic scanning.
  • Click On start to start the installation process, and then the tool has been installed on your machine.
  • Then follow the instructions to search your computer fully.
  • You will know what parts of your PC are compromised after the scan has been completed.
  • Only click on the Start Repair button to have it fixed,
  • Once the repair process has ended, restart your computer.

Solution 4: Update the QuickBooks Desktop to the Business Version QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise provides you with a facility for approximately 100,000 inventory products, manufacturers, or consumers.


We really hope that, after applying the solutions, you no longer face error code 140300 in the QuickBooks. Our above mentioned solutions will certainly assist you in troubleshooting the error, but if you get the same error repeatedly, don’t panic, connect with our QuickBooks help desk to ask your questions. You can get help by dropping an email to us ( However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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