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The QuickBooks is the accounting software that is being used by many people to keep track of everyday spending and monitor sales and expenses. Often, users can face bugs and mistakes when operating on this programme. Installing QuickBooks again is the first solution to deal with such errors. But, just by running QuickBooks Desktop again, you can’t fix that. You must uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop for Windows first, after which rename the installation files and reinstall QuickBooks thereafter. This entire process is known as QuickBooks Uninstall or Install.

In this article we will understand the ways to uninstall and install the QuickBooks desktop. And if you need any assistance to work in QuickBooks, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks desktop support for more information.

Note: Before uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop, please ensure you have the download file for QuickBooks Desktop, the update CD and the license code.

Steps to uninstall and install the QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool contains three QuickBooks Clean Install Tool operations. The first is to uninstall the QuickBooks, the second is to rename the files that have been mounted, and the third is to reinstall the QuickBooks.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Uninstallation
  • First of all, to display the RUN command, click Windows + R concurrently.
  • Then Open the Control Panel and choose ok.
  • In the Programs Folder, pick Programs and Functions, select QuickBooks and choose Uninstall.
  • Finally, you ought to comply with the directions.

When the QuickBooks Desktop uninstallation is completed, go to the next stage to rename the installation folder.


  1. Rename the Folders for Installation

You then need to rename the installation directories to execute a QuickBooks installation. Select Rename by Manual. At the end of each folder name, you should add “old”.

In the event that you are unable to reach the files, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Windows Taskbar and pick the Task Manager option.
  • In the Processes tab, choose the image name.
  • Choose the following options: QBDBMgr. Exe, QBCFMonitorService. Exe, Qbw32.exe, QBDBMgrN.exe, and then pick the end method.
  • Once you have a WARNING alert, pick YES.
  1. QuickBooks Desktop Reinstallation

And last stage is the reinstallation of the QuickBooks. To reinstall the QuickBooks, follow the instructions listed underneath:

  • Download the right installation file for your the QuickBooks version, at first.
  • Then Pick Page Downloads and Updates and click on the Download link for your version of QuickBooks.
  • After that pick a version and a product.
  • Then select download.

NOTE: Do make sure the device is suitable for QuickBooks Desktop before installing QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps for installing the QuickBooks desktop

 The Installation of the QuickBooks can be accomplished by obtaining the steps described below:

  • Select yes to all after installing the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After that choose next.
  • Select Agree to the Licensing Agreement for the App.
  • Enter the number for the license and product.

For your PC, pick the installation style that contains the following options:

Express: This alternative helps the installer to make the choices recommended.

Custom & Network: Choose this method only when you choose to use different versions of the QuickBooks, or when exchanging data with other users using the QuickBooks.

Finally, you need to pick the place where you want the QuickBooks to work:

  • Select a new download location or click NEXT to update in the regular directory.
  • Pick the installation option.
  • Please click on open and activate the QuickBooks.
  • You are good to go now.

The ways to activate the QuickBooks desktop 

You need to go through the steps outlined for Windows:

  • Open and click F2 on QuickBooks.
  • In the product details pane, check the registration status.
  • If the enabled status is shown, then you can go forward.
  • If the status is not activated, select OK and then click shut down Product.
  • After that Click Activate QuickBooks in the Help Menu.

Go over the following methods for MAC:

  • Open the QuickBooks menu and pick the Register option.
  • Enter the license and number of the product and click NEXT.
  • Select Online Registration.
  • Meet the rules.

Seeking Inference

The blog above will assist you with QuickBooks uninstallation and installation. If you are unable to install QuickBooks, you can install the Clean Install QuickBooks tool that will automatically identify and fix the problem. If you are still unsure and want more details about the same process, then contact our QuickBooks desktop support immediately. You can write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net too. For more info, visit – www.quickbooksupport.net.

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