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QuickBooks is very popular among the small and medium businesses and is used worldwide by many people and the reason behind this is that the software is user friendly and gives you several features which help in managing the accounting part. However this software is not flawless and from time to time it gets interrupted due to few errors and one such error is QuickBooks script error.

If you attempt to open a new QuickBooks feature that is needed to continue to the web and the feature is linked directly to the QuickBooks server to execute a specific task. To communicate with the server, they must use the third party application. In this case, since the QuickBooks software cannot connect with the QuickBooks server, you notice the occurrence of the QuickBooks Script Error.

In this article we will understand what the script error is?  The reason behind the occurrence of this error and the ways we can fix this error.

Few points about what is QuickBooks Script Error.

QuickBooks Script Error is connected to an error in the browser. This error most often occurs when the QuickBooks software and a webpage exchange the information. This QuickBooks Script Error often comes when the VBscript of your browser experiences some issue. When your QuickBooks software attempts to download the information from the QuickBooks online server under the user’s guidance. Then script error occurs behind the scene on your computer screen, where your request for downloading information receives an error. For example, you might encounter this error when using any version of the QuickBooks-QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, etc.

The script error message can be displayed on your system in the different formats.

  • Error in Script
  • Script Error
  • Script Error line #####character ## Object #####

What are the major Causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Script Error?

Underneath you can see a few points that are responsible for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Script error:-

  • The browser script feature is either not functioning effectively or has been disabled.
  • Your browser has been affected by some type of virus and malware causing the script error.
  • In case you have changed your browser’s previous setting then perhaps the QuickBooks script error will appear.
  • Maybe there is an error on a particular Website.
  • May be the script plug-in which include Java, Adobe, Flash, etc has been damaged.
  • You may get the error code on your computer screen when you download data that is not compatible with the script.
  • When the cache is not clear for a longer period, the cache space becomes full.
  • The Active X part on your system is missing or disabled.
  • In case the the debugging feature for scripting has been enabled.
  • Your installed application can sometimes interfere with the functioning of the script.
  • When the QuickBooks data file is corrupted and damaged the script error can occur.
  • The error can also occur in case the Windows user is damaged.

What are the potential methods to eradicate the QuickBooks Script Error?

There are many reasons for the occurrence of the scripting error so the solution of the error totally depends on the reason and we will discuss all the potential solution to eradicate the error below:

Solution 1: Clearing the browser’s cache that is being used to communicate with QuickBooks server

Most often the window users utilize their default internet explorer to load the QuickBooks request to the server the points stated underneath describes the way to clear the cache in the “Internet Explorer” :-

  • At first click on the “Internet Explorer” button twice.
  • after that  go inside the “Tools”
  • Then you select the “Internet Option” and after that click on “General”.
  • After that go to the “browsing history”
  • Here you can see the “Delete” option
  • Now, you will be required to tick all the boxes like (Cookies, background & temp files).
  • Once all the boxes have been checked, click “Apply” and after that Ok.


Solution 2: Disabling all the add-ons

  • You will be first required to go inside the “Tools” and there select the “Internet option”
  • After that you can see the “Programs” option in that select the “Manage add-ons”.
  • Then click on the “Disable Add-ons”option and after that click “Ok”.

Solution 3: Resetting of the browser setting to default

  • At First, go to the “Internet Explorer” and there click on “Tools” option.
  • Then select the “Advanced” option and from there select the “Reset to Default” option.
  • After that Press “Apply” and then click on “Ok” button to save your settings.

Solution 4: Disabling your script that is debugging into your browser

  • First, open your default browser.
  • After that Head through the “Advanced” tab.
  • You will be able to view two options after scrolling (Disable debugging script & Disable debugging script other)
  • Finally click the “Apply” button and then “Ok.”

Solution 5: Configure the security setting of third party applications

In case you have allowed the default security application for your browser then you need to disable it. You have to go into the configure setting to disable it.

Solution 6: The re-installation of the plug-in software.

In any situation if the software is broken or corrupted, you’ll need to reinstall all of the plugging, including Java, Adobe Flash and.Net Architecture etc.

The QuickBooks script error often happens at the moment when you attempt to connect with the QuickBooks online server with the aid of some web browser. Because of the corrupted script of your browser you are unable to connect with the QuickBooks online server in that case you need to repair this error manually.


Hope the article will be a help to you to know how To Solve QuickBooks Script Error. However, if you face any problem you can make a call on our QuickBooks customer care number and take assistance from ingenious professionals. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information visit – www.quickbooksupport.net. Stay in touch with our executives present 24*7 to guide you.

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