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Call QuickBooks POS Support to learn to fix the QuickBooks Error 100060 in the QuickBooks Point of Sale

One of the best and most innovative apps offered by Intuit is QuickBooks Point of Sale. Small and medium companies mostly use it. Company owners can monitor all their work easily with the aid of QuickBooks point of sale applications. Every year Intuit improves QuickBooks and it’s one of the biggest benefits when new features are introduced to QuickBooks.

As for some bugs in other applications, users face the same problem in QuickBooks. One of those failures. In this post, we’re going to address the QuickBooks Error 100060, what specifically it is, what causes this error to happen and the effective steps to fix the error.

If you need assistance with the QuickBooks POS, you can call our QuickBooks POS support and our staff would assistance.


Error 100060: QuickBooks POS was unable to build any of the necessary QuickBooks accounts

If you see Error 100060 when using the QuickBooks Point of Sale, this means that there are certain required accounts that the machine did not build. When you run a Financial Exchange, you will collect some error notices for the first time for an account.

The potential causes that leads to the occurrence of the error.

  1. The account may already be active at the QuickBooks Point of Sale after the first financial transaction,
  2. The person logging in does not have administrative access for the QuickBooks.

Follow the appropriate steps to correct the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060-

If the account may still be involved in the QuickBooks Point of Sale in the first financial transaction,

  • At first the QuickBooks Financial software needs to be opened.
  • Then Go to Modify Pick Preferences then off to Account.
  • Go to company preferences and uncheck the Use Account Numbers box.
  • afterwards, Press OK
  • Now implement a Financial Exchange at the QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • For QuickBooks, go to Edit and after that Accounting in Preferences.
  • Press Company Preferences and pick the Use Account Numbers check box to reactivate the account number.
  • Then tap ok.

If the user logging in doesn’t have the access of the QuickBooks administrator, the following steps should be taken

  • Press Cancel at Company Point of Sale Choices.
  • Select File and Close Company / Logoff in the QuickBooks.
  • On the No Company open screen. press Open.
  • Sign in as Administrator to the company file and select Window and Close It.
  • In point of sale, pick File and afterwards pick company preferences.
  • Select Accounts under the financial choice header and check that there are no brackets for all accounts under the Standard tab and the advanced tab.

If any accounts which still include brackets could not be found in the drop-down list, build the Account in the QuickBooks:

  • Pick Lists in the QuickBooks. Select Chart of Accounts. In the lower-left portion of the page, click on Account then choose the new.
  • Select a suitable form of account and name the account, filling in the additional fields as needed.
  • Press OK, and after that close the chart of Accounts.

Close and reopen the Company Preferences window at Point of Sale and pick Accounts to search both simple and advanced. During that time, there must be no brackets.


We hope that the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 will now be quickly overcome. But if you do have any issues, you will send an email to the QuickBooks POS support team directly for assistance. With their skills, our knowledgeable team will also be there to help you address conflicts and will do their best to lead you in the right way. You also mail us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Even our team will help you out 24*7.

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