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Although QuickBooks is a user-friendly accounting programme, this programme has simplified user life from time to time; however, it faces some of the technological errors that hamper users ‘ daily functioning.

In this article we will discuss the reasons, symptoms and ways to fix the 12 0 error code in the QuickBooks.

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Stuff to Know About the QuickBooks Error 12 0

Here are a few relevant points you ought to know about the QuickBooks error code- 12, 0:

  • Error code number: mistake (-12 0)
  • Error name: Error code in the QuickBooks (-12 0) • Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista is compatible;
  • Error message: QuickBooks is having an issue and needs to quit. We’re sorry for the incident.
  • Error Description: the QuickBooks Error code 12 0 happens whenever the user does not have administrative authorization to execute such QuickBooks operations.

QuickBooks Symptoms Error code 12 0

Here is some of the key QuickBooks error 12 0 symptoms describing the error:

  • QB error code (-12 0) occurs on the computer and the dynamic display of the application crashes before loading.
  • This QuickBooks Error code is illustrated with the error message “QuickBooks faced a challenge and needs to be locked. We sincerely apologize for the crash. • As the error message arrives, it states, “There was a problem found and Windows are closed to prevent harm to your Computer.”
  • When error messages show in your browser, “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.”
  • Windows either runs slowly or doesn’t respond.

The potential causes Behind the Occurrence of the QuickBooks Error code 12 0

QuickBooks Error -12 0 can be caused owing to several sources. We have listed some of the potential triggers below, which could be accountable for the error message you find on your computer screen.

  • Defective Windows registry can cause it to erupt.
  • Unacceptable Non existing Program Entries.
  • Incorrect downloading or configuration of the applications
  • may be some of the file must be missing.
  • may be the system is corrupted.
  • may be the user input is Incorrect

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Stuff that must be checked before the QuickBooks error code 12 0 is fixed

  • Guarantee that the user is allowed to access the file or execute some activity in QuickBooks.
  • Confirm that the QuickBooks has ceased the service.

 Some of the Efficient strategies for Repairing the QuickBooks Error 12 0

We’ve listed four separate measures to repair this QuickBooks Error code below. Every other step is thorough and can be quickly applied for real-time fixing of the error. Users should make sure that every step to solve the problem is conducted out cautiously.

Step 1: Check the Desktop Edition for the QuickBooks

  • At first launch the QuickBooks Desktop on your system, and click the F2 key on the keyboard.
  • Then to open the Product Details Window click Ctrl + 1 together on the keyboard.
  • After that the QuickBooks Product Details Window will be shown on your PC.
  • then Memorize the QuickBooks version displayed at the top left of the window, as we will want some specifics of the software version in the next debugging phase.


Step 2: Restart QuickBooks Service

  • At first click the Windows + R key on the keyboard together.
  • After that on the lower-left corner of the computer screen, the “Run” window will appear
  • Then you will see a search bar below the message that says, “Type a programme name, folder, text, or internet resource and Windows will open it for you.”
  • Then Join the search bar under “Services.msc.”
  • After that Click “OK” on your keyboard, or click the “Enter” key.
  • Then in the service listed on your computer, find and press QBDataServiceUserXX. Here “XX” stands for the edition of the QuickBooks you use.
  • You’ll find a “Restart” icon on the left side of your keyboard, under QuickBooksDBXX. Tap on the ‘Restart’ button to continue.

Step 3: Restore permission to enter the files

Then right-click the name of the service, then pick “Properties.”

  • Go to the Security page, and press “Everyone for Group” or “User Names.”
  • Then Allocate full review to the QuickBooks
  • After that restore authorization settings for the QuickBooks to Windows application
  • For each selection, pick Total Control under Permissions.
  • Then Click the “Apply” button, and press “OK” again.
  • See the article to know How to restore folder and file access manually in the Windows.

Step 4:  run the QuickBooks file Doctor 

In the final stage, the user must run the QuickBooks File Doctor scans on their QuickBooks Desktop application to identify and fix specific issues that occur due to incorrect installation on Windows of different programmes and other technological problems.


Hope the above stated article will help you to solve the QuickBooks Error code easily. If you are unable to correct this error and face the same issue, then we strongly recommend that you contact our QuickBooks error support number and our experts will help to resolve the issue. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information visit – www.quickbooksupport.net.

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