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Call the QuickBooks error support to know how to fix the QuickBooks Error 6010

The QuickBooks is a functional application which meets all the needs of your company. It has a fantastic feature that allows you to quickly complete your tasks relevant to the job. Yet bugs and errors pop up several times, potentially ruining the progress and efforts. The QuickBooks Error 6010 is one of that flaws which occurs when installing the QuickBooks and has to be reinstalled   you will get an error message: “Your installation on the QuickBooks might have changed. Please try to re-install the QuickBooks and try again (-6010, -100). However, error code 6010 does not allow the QuickBooks to enter the network due to numerous other factors such as firewall or anti-virus applications.

We will address all the potential reasons and different ways to repair the “QuickBooks error code 6010” in this post.

If you need some assistance with the QuickBooks, feel free to contact our QuickBooks error support number and you will be supported by our trained experts.

What is the possible reason behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks error code 6010?

There are several variables that contribute to the QuickBooks Error Code 6010; several of them for your understanding are provided below:

.ND files are disconnected from the QuickBooks and log files (.TLG).

Your QuickBooks registry files were removed by the registry-optimizing programme installed on your device

Anti-virus programmes like ESET NOD32 block QuickBooks from getting to network and system services. Various methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6010

You can immediately fix the QuickBooks Error Code 6010 by implementing a few basic methods. Even if one doesn’t work for you, you may move to another approach.

Method 1: restart the Database Service Manager in the QuickBooks

 Firstly, you need to reopen the Database Server Manager for the QuickBooks, and afterwards search the company file again.

Then, go to Start option and then press All Programs.

Next, open the QuickBooks and press the QuickBooks Database Server Manager command.

After that, pick a Scan Folder

If you do not have files then press Add Folder.

Then, search the files and attempt reopening the folder.

At the end “Login to your company files and see whether or not the QuickBooks Error code 6010″has been resolved.


Method 2: Recover the file of your Company

The first move is to enter your company’s file folder.

After that find the .QBW extension file.

Then, right-click on the file, then choose Copy.

After that Move to the Desktop, then right-click again, then click Paste.

Upon opening the QuickBooks while holding the Ctrl key, you will be redirected to No Company Open

Then you would need to press Open or restore an existing company.

At the end, open the company files to verify whether or not the problem has been resolved.

Method 3: Flip to Consumer Mode

At First, as an administrator, you have to log in to your computer.

Then to open the Task Manager press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Thereafter you need to pick users.

And then highlight each process in the QuickBooks (EXE, qbupdate.exe and QBDBM.exe)

After that in the Multi-User mode select End Task.

Finally open the company file, and after that pursue more remedies if QuickBooks error 6010 still exists.

 Method 4: renaming the. ND file extension

Firstly, find all the files that have an extension to. ND.

Then the file with error 6010 must be opened.

After all the files have been found, right-click on the file.

After this pick the Rename from the drop-down menu

Then add ‘old’ as an extension.

Finally, open the QuickBooks to see if the problem is solved.

 Method 5: Block connections to Multi-user Hosting

At First, pick File and afterwards open the File menu on the QuickBooks.

Then Move to Utilities, and select the “Stop multi-user access hosting” option.

After that, once again, you ought to close and open the QuickBooks.

Then navigate to programme settings, and afterwards temporarily shut off the Internet Monitor feature.

Then restart your System.

After that rename the file and add ‘old’ as and extension if you have an ESET NOD32 anti-virus programme.

Then Reopen the QuickBooks and verify whether the “QuickBooks Error 6010 Code. “Still occurs.

Method 6: perform the QuickBooks reinstallation

The first move will be to tap on the Start option.

After that Select a Control Panel

Thereafter, you need to press the Uninstall a Program icon.

Then Press the QuickBooks, and then uninstall the programme.

After that the QuickBooks Clean Install tool needs to be downloaded and run.

Now, pick the update of QB that you would like to use and press Proceed.

Tap Ok and get QuickBooks installed.


To fix the “QuickBooks Error 6010,” you ought to implement the methods and measures in a specific sequence. Otherwise communicate with our QuickBooks error support team if the matter remains unresolved. Our accredited experts provide technical assistance 24/7 via phone, chat and email. If you would like to talk more please feel free to e-mail us. If you have any more problems, you can also call our QuickBooks Error Support Number. So at support@quickbooksupport.net, you can write to us. For more information please visit-www.quickbooksupport.net.

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