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The QuickBooks is a Small and medium-sized business accounting software, and any issues related to this software, can be easily solved. In this article, we’ll discuss the QuickBooks Desktop’s Automated Password Reset Tool. You can reset your lost as well as forgotten password by using this reset tool to access your QuickBooks Company File. Automated Password Reset Tool is designed as User Self-Help Tool.

For any further query regarding the QuickBooks you can call our QuickBooks phone number.

Acknowledging security concerns

Cyberspace concerns have led to a recovery process for the QuickBooks passwords. For several years Intuit has always offered the QuickBooks password tool. It has also been overused as the knowledge of using this tool has spread out over a large area.

It was previously noted that several people could gain a company file from QuickBooks, authorizing the others to obtain and steal the information needed from a personal account taking into account financial as well as other business data. The QuickBooks has anyhow addressed the increasing cases of fraud by asking users to insert their Canadian Social Insurance numbers.

And if anyone encounters problems resetting the QuickBooks password, we’ve got a resolution here. QuickBooks Automatic Password Reset Tool in QuickBooks Desktop will assist you to reset passwords.

Download the QuickBooks Password reset Tool

This tool is easily downloadable from the official Intuit website. Take the following steps that we characterize below for using the QuickBooks password reset tool after downloading this tool.


Automated QuickBooks Desktop Password Restore Tool

Automated QuickBooks Desktop Password Reset Tool is used for resetting the QuickBooks Admin Password. This is useful in case you lost or forgot your password. And here’s the description of information you would need to reset your password.

  • License number 15 Digit
  • Contact Name (full name)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (same contact authorization)
  • pin code

Note: Our database will check your license number, e-mail address, telephone number, and postcode against your company registration record. Whether any of the criteria for your business do not fit the details we have on file when you submitted the order, then the request fails.

How to use Automated Reset Password Tool

  • Initially, you choose the tool that you are using based on the QuickBooks version.
  • S. desktop version of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Desktop version in the UK.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Canadian version.

It’s being used to reset a lost or forgotten QuickBooks Admin Password.

And with the help of Automated Password Reset Tool, users can reset and change the old password into a new one.

STEP 1: At first identify the QuickBooks Desktop Version.

When the last time you opened your company file is installed on the computer you use to reset your password.

How to determine which version was most recently used

  • Locate the product version and release numbers after selecting the product from the list and understand how to verify the version and release information, and implement some instructions.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: select “Reports and QuickBooks Statement Writer in the QuickBooks.
  • Select support, then pick The QuickBooks Statement writer after the software starts. And the information of the version is contained in the about windows.
  • Merchant Services: QuickBooks used the Merchant Services so no release or version is available.
  • Point of Sale: Choose Product Information for Help. A Version or Release Information is available.
  • Basic QuickBooks or Enhanced Payroll: choose the employees Payroll Centers.
  • then Click on the payroll Tab
  • QuickBooks for Mac: select Product Information for help.
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Press F2 to open a window for product information.

Note: To operate the Password Reset Tool you need to have .Net Framework 4.5 installed.

Step 2: To open your company QuickBooks file, pick the QuickBooks desktop edition you last modified.

    • Then Pick the QuickBooks Desktop edition from the QuickBooks Version.
    • After that Fill in the QuickBooks license number and the company details used while the QuickBooks was registered, then press Submit.
    • Afterwards accept the licensing agreement, and press the download button.
    • Then Click on the link Download Now on next screen.
    • Important: please ensure you are prompted to run or save it to your Screen.
    • After that In the Token Number field enters the token number you got via email.
    •  And thereafter pick your edition of QuickBooks from the drop-down menu of QuickBooks Products.
    • Tap on browse the Company File and pick the company file you would like to reset your password to.

NOTE: If you restore the Accountant’s operating copy file encryption such as. QBA. You will have to type *. * In the file name box afterwards, and hit enter. This will help you to pick and access .QBA files.

    •  Then enter your new password in the fields New Password and Verify Password.
    • And after that press Password Reset.


The methods alluded to above are very helpful to know how to use QuickBooks Desktop’s Automatic Password Reset Tool. However, if you find it challenging or have some other problem, then you can contact Quickbooks phone number. Write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net as well. Visit www.quickbooksupport.net for more information.

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