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Learn how to solve the QuickBooks Display Issues quickly with the QuickBooks support USA

If you need a Great user experience when working on the QuickBooks that requires an appropriate and proper display. Often, however, the user experiences configuration problems related to ‘high definition graphics displays’ on the device. In this article we will list signs, causes, and remedies that can help to fix the error.

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Some affects of the QuickBooks Display Issues

  • The operating model does not suit the screen
  • The size icon at the top right window fails to show
  • A field is overwriting & covers the label.

The Buttons is absent

You see blurred Screen when attempting to optimize or decrease it

You will notice Enormous font

 A blank Home Page

Paid status on the Invoices is shortened.

The causes for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Display issues

The QuickBooks is configured and coded for a DPI value below 100 per cent (96 DPI). Several systems with a higher resolution display comprise of 125 to 150 per cent DPI settings causing problems with the QuickBooks Display.

Methods for eliminating the QuickBooks Display issues

Once we know the side effects and the reason behind the problems with QuickBooks Display next is to recognize the recommended solutions to rectify those problems.

Note: modifying your Windows DPI default settings & the screen resolution will actually impact other programs.

Solution 1-Change the DPI settings for the QuickBooks

Firstly, right-click the icon on the QuickBooks and then tap on it.

Then select ‘Disable display scales on higher DPI level’ in the Compatibility tab.

After that Click ‘Apply’ then simply click OK.

Then open the QuickBooks, and see whether the Windows is visible

Solution 2 – Change your desktop preference 

At first open the company.

 After that go to the Edit menu in that press Preference from there select the Desktop view and then click on my preferences.

Then Move View from Several Windows to one.

Solution 3-Change the DPI settings for Windows

 Changing the DPI settings is important since the QuickBooks is programmed to operate with Windows DPI’s ‘default Settings.’ But if you choose something different than Default values, it can cause problems to be displayed.


Windows 10

At first Go to Control Panel and from the keyboard, press ‘Windows +X’ buttons.

Then Pick ‘appearance and Personalization’ and tap on that.

 After that go to ‘Change object size’ segment and press ‘Set custom scaling’

Then From the drop-down column, pick ‘100 per cent’ and click OK. You can also drag the left / right to change the configuration

Afterwards, Click ‘Apply’ and log out to show changes

Windows 8/8.1  

Firstly, right-click on the Desktop and press ‘Display’

Then Go to the settings at the bottom of Display and pick ‘Make text & other things bigger or smaller.’

Make sure the choice ‘allow me select one degree of scaling for my displays’ is unmarked.

Drag the slider then to less than-100%. This will imply the text and other objects are in good form

Then Save the tasks and reboot the computer for the update to take place

Windows 7

At first right-click the desktop, and then select screen.

Then go to the configuration window, pick ‘make text& items larger or’

Click the option beside’smaller-100 percent’. This will hold text and other similar things in their usual state

After that Save your task, and reboot the computer to take effect on the update.

Solution 4-Change the screen resolution settings on the computer

Windows 10

Firstly Right-click the desktop, and press ‘Display’

Then Go to the left pane and pick ‘Display.’ Press ‘Advanced display settings

Tap on ‘Display.’ If more than 1 display is linked to your computer then select ‘display you wish to change.’

After that click on screen resolution in the ‘Resolution section’ which is at least 1024 x 768 or higher. Click on ‘Apply’

Then Click on ‘keep Changes’

Note: You’ll only have 15 seconds to maintain or reverse the improvements before the window returns to its previous state. The 1920 x1080 Screen Resolution is advised.

Windows 8.1.7

Firstly, right-click the Desktop button

Then Select ‘Screen’

After that check the drop-down menu resolution & pick a resolution that would be at least 1024 x 768 minimum or higher.

Note: QuickBooks is not designed to operate lower than in resolution setting 1024 x 768.

Then Choose OK


Ideally, the blog will help to provide you with a thorough approach to resolve the QuickBooks Display issues. But, if you encounter any challenges, you can call on our QuickBooks support USA and get assistance from innovative professionals. Write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net as well. Visit- www.quickbooksupport.net  for more information. Keep in touch with our 24 * 7 Executives to direct you.

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