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QuickBooks is very popular among the small and medium businesses and is used worldwide by many people and the reason behind this is that the software is user friendly and gives you several features which help in managing the accounting part. One of such useful feature of QuickBooks is merge vendors in QuickBooks.

A QuickBooks Desktop merge vendor is a helpful tool of the software that helps users to combine all the transactions without needing repetitive entry over and over again. When you merge two vendors into QuickBooks Server, one vendor is removed and all the data is passed to the other vendor. Duplicate vendor entries or customer list involve the need to merge vendors into QuickBooks.

In this article we will learn the ways to merge vendors in QuickBooks. However, if you need any help or any other information then feel free to contact us and our proficient experts will help you resolve the issue.

Few points that need to be taken into consideration before Merging Duplicate Vendors in QuickBooks Desktop

For merger processes to be productive and hassle free you need to keep few aspects in mind and those are listed below:

  • You can build a backup of your company data before beginning to merge vendors in QuickBooks to avoid any data disturbance.
  • After that turn to single-user mode if you are operating in the multi-user mode.
  • You will be required to ensure that the Accountant’s Copy File (.QBA) file is not used when merging vendors.
  • Multi- currency feature must not be switched on.
  • Don’t go for the merger of direct deposit vendors, paid by online banks, tax exempt and tax authority’s vendors.
  • The merger cannot be reversed once it is completed.
  • The only way to undo the merger process is to recover the company’s data backup.


Methods to Merge the Multiple Vendors in QuickBooks Desktop?

 The QuickBooks for accountant 2019 allows users to merge up to four vendors at a time, reducing the effort and time needed to accomplish the task. You can merge several vendors in QuickBooks Desktop while using the simple steps mentioned below:

Method 1: step by step instruction to merge Vendors in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 version.

When you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2019, then you must take the steps underneath to merge duplicate vendors:

  • At first Launch the QuickBooks Desktop 2019, then go to Merge Vendor window
  • In case you’re using the Accountant version, then you must go to the Accountant section and then pick Client Data review and from there select merge vendor’s option.
  • To those using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, go to the Company tab and then the Accounting Resources and select Merge Vendors.
  • After that pick the vendors you want to merge, then click next
  • Then select the vendor you want to reassign the other entire vendor’s data to.
  • And click Merge.
  • After that tap yes on the Confirmation window that appears on the screen.
  • And Press OK when Complete Merge prompted.

Method 2:  methods to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or previous Versions

When you’re using the 2018 or previous edition of QuickBooks Desktop then you must take the following steps:

  • Choose Vendor Center from the Vendors menu first.
  • Then right-click the vendor you want to manage and tap on Edit Vendor.
  • After that Copy the name of the vendor and then hit cancel to return to the Vendor Center.
  • Then right-click the Vendor to merge, and choose Edit Vendor.
  • Afterwards, replace the name of the vendor with the one you copied previously, and press OK.
  • Then Click yes when confirmation message is prompted.


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