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Learn to Reconcile an Account in QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Support

We will be updating you about the reconciled statements in your bank and QuickBooks, the main thing is it should reconcile if not happening then you must contact QuickBooks Support.

With the extendable availability of customer support you will be completely stress free in order to process your accounting data.

When you receive the bank statements you must reconcile it with the entries you have made in QuickBooks. If all transactions are matched then you are free from this hurdle and you will be relaxed to know that you won’t be accessing any more solution as the query is itself solved.

Method 1: Verify your Opening Balance

You must check before performing any modular changes that you should take complete backup of your company file. The balance which is displayed in QuickBooks should reconcile with the statement you carry in your bank

Method 2: Get ready for the reconciliation

You must be informed that the transactions for the duration of statement of your bank with which you want to do reconciliation. If you have not entered the transaction till yet make sure you have entered correctly.

Method 3: Begin your Reconciliation

If you are matching multiple transactions, be it monthly wise, yearly wise:

  • In the Banking menu, choose Reconcile
  • In Account field, choose the bank account or credit card transactions with which you want to reconcile
  • In the Ending Balance field, type the balance which is shown on your bank statement
  • Type the amount in Service Charge and Interest Earned section
  • Click on Continue to start reconciling
  • Search for the discrepancies
  • If you think that it should be started from beginning, then click on Undo Last Reconciliation

If you still stuck in some issue feel free to contact QuickBooks Support.

Method 4: Match your Account statement with QuickBooks

Choose the appropriate category and then start processing the statements

By selecting drop down menu, the option will vary and accordingly select the one

If at all the statements displayed are matched, click on Matched.

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