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Call QuickBooks Customer Care to Know How to Change Registered Email Address in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting & bookkeeping software built up until now. When accessing or signing into QuickBooks, a thought of modifying the registered email address can often hit the user’s mind, owing to several reasons. Today, Intuit Inc. has made doing this simple for users. Now, you can use old email address to update the desired email address. Updating the email address is important, because it is one of the essential means of receiving critical and sending the sensitive updates and communications. The email address is also one way to access your User ID or password. All these aspects make it important for the users to keep the email address updated from time to time.  .

In this article we will understand the procedure to change the email address in the QuickBooks. You can even get in touch with our customer care team to get the query solved and our experts will assist you to perform the task with ease.

Few points about updating the email address.

If you want to update the registered email address. Then, now it is quick & effortless to modify the email address linked with QuickBooks. There could be two potential scenarios and those are listed down, so let us take a look at them:

  • If you can access the old registered email, then log in to QuickBooks Online and follow a few simple steps to update the registered email address.
  • However, if you no longer have access to an old registered email, then move to the “Email change request” option.

What messages you receive on email address.

Notifications are among the key aspects, since they can imply multiple things. There may be other ways of notification that perhaps the user may receive via email, given below are a few instances:

  • Newsletters on Payroll (Quarterly)
  • Intuit Online QuickBooks Payroll Tax Report Notice Update.
  • Annual Subscriber Auto Renewal Notices.
  • Confirmation Order / Charge

Ways to Change the Registered Email Address that is linked with the User ID

Listed below are the few steps to change the User ID associated with your email address effectively:

At first you must choose the “Gear” button on the Toolbar.

  • Then, select “User Profile” tab from the “Profile” list.
  • After that click the “Profile” button.
  • Now choose the “Edit” tab under the “Email Address” section.
  • Then enter the new e-mail address & password.
  • After that select the Save button and afterwards the “done” icon.
  • Then Use the activation link in the email that has been sent to the old registered email address to confirm the changes.

Steps for the QuickBooks Online Accountant user to update the email address:

  • Click on the “Gear” button in the Toolbar at first.
  • Then select the “Your Account” tab in “Your Company” section.
  • And choose the “Personal Profile” icon, after that select the “Edit Personal Information” icon.
  • Then choose the “Change sign in info” tab with in “Your Sign-In Information” section.
  • After that select the option “Continue” and afterwards you will be redirected to the sign in page.
  • Now, enter the account credentials, and afterwards click the “Sign in” option.
  • And Select “Profile” tab.
  • The next step is to click on the “Edit” tab under the “Email Address” section.
  • And after that Enter your new email address & password, then select the “Save” icon.
  • After you receive the Confirmation message that the details were updated, press the “OK” button.

Steps that need to be followed to update the email address linked with the business

  • Firstly go to the Toolbar and select the “Gear” button from there.
  • After that select the “Account and Settings” tab (or company settings) from the “Your Company” section.
  • Then Tap the “Company” tab in the menu section.
  • The next step is to choose the “Pencil” icon in the “Contact Info” section.
  • After that type your new email address in the “Company email” field.

(Note: in case the email address that you’re using for your sales forms is same, then check the box for same as the company email).

  • And finally, Click the Save button, then tap on the “Done” key.

Steps to change the email address linked with a location

  • At first go to the Toolbar and choose the “Gear” button.
  • After that Click on the “All Lists” tab in the “Lists” tab.
  • Then select the “Locations” tab.
  • After that choose the position you wish to edit, and then choose the “Edit” button in the action column in the drop-down lists.
  • Ensure this location box has a separate email address for interacting with the users.
  • And then Type the email address, and click the “Save” button.

Ways to Update the email address for notifications

  • Sign in to “My Account” first,
  • After that you must choose the product that is to be handled on the “Manage your QuickBooks page.”
  • The user should then confirm if he / she has signed in to the appropriate company, by looking at the top right corner. In case not, then the user need to choose the appropriate company from the drop-down list.
  • The next move will be to scroll down to the “list of authorized Users”
  • And thereafter choose the “Edit,” option next to the name.
  • After that go and enter the “new email address” and press the “Save” button. To return to homepage, click the “X” button.
  • Finally, the recipient will receive notifications that the email address has been changed.


Hope the article will be a help to you to know how to change the email address in the QuickBooks. However, if you face any problem you can make a call on our QuickBooks customer care number and take assistance from ingenious professionals. You can also write to us at . For more information visit – Stay in touch with our executives present 24*7 to guide you.

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