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Call QuickBooks Error Support and know fix error that occurs while try to convert Mac file into a windows file

In this article you will learn how to fix errors which occurs during the conversion of mac file into a windows file in QuickBooks Desktop. To know more, contact QuickBooks Error Support.

When you try to convert a mac file into a windows file, you might get the error: 

“QuickBooks is not able to convert your Mac file to a Windows file. Restore was successful, but the file cannot be opened in this version without being updated”.

If a document’s memo field contains too many characters this error may occur. It may also occur if there is an unrecognizable character in a specific transaction. Follow the steps given below to find solutions until the error is solved.

Solution 1: Updating both versions of QuickBooks to the latest release

  • Select QuickBooks in QuickBooks for Mac and then check for QuickBooks Updates.
  • Select Help in QuickBooks for Windows.
  • Now, update your QuickBooks Desktop or download the updates.
  • Please note: Ensure that your product is selected. Go to the Change link if it is not selected and then select your QuickBooks product.
  • To check a certain cause of the error, perform basic data checks or repairs .

Solution 2: Checking the intergrity of the file

  • In case of QuickBooks for Mac

Step 1: Verifying the data

  • In the File menu select Utilities.
  • Click on Verify data.

Proceed to Step 2 if a problem is detected.

Step 2: Running a rebuild

  • In the File menu select Utilities.
  • Click on Rebuild data.

Step 3: Running a Verify again

  • This step is done to ensure that there are no problems detected.

Solution 3: Editing the length of entries in the Memo field

  • In QuickBooks for Mac, open the company file.
  • For all dates, generate a Transaction detail by Date report:
  • In the Reports menu select Transaction detail by Date.
  • Select All Dates from the Dates drop-down.
  • For any text that is longer than the maximum 100 characters, review the Memo column (the Item Description field on forms).
  • Double-click on the transactions having large descriptions or memos. You can either delete or shorten those memos to not more than 99 characters.
  • For your QuickBooks for Windows file, create a new backup file and then attempt the conversion again.


Solution 4: Deleting duplicate memorized reports

  • In QuickBooks for Mac, open the company file .
  • In the Reports select Memorized reports.
  • Look for any duplicate reports by examining the memorized reports list .
  • Now, you can get rid of all duplicate memorized reports by deleting them.
  • Create a new backup file for your QuickBooks for Windows company file, then attempt the conversion again.

Solution 5: Cleaning up the company file to remove an unrecognizable character

  • Please Note: Only Consider  only condensing your file as your option that is final.

To know more on how to fix errors which occurs during the conversion of mac file into a windows file in QuickBooks desktop, call on our QuickBooks error support number. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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