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You’ll need to align basic payroll with pre-printed paychecks in QuickBooks at various times so that you can print them. QuickBooks helps users to print paychecks from within the app to keep track of their financial transactions. The process of aligning pre-printed checks is needed in a variety of situations. In this post, we’ll look at various synchronization scenarios and how to use QuickBooks to align basic payroll with pre-printed paychecks.

If you have any questions about pre-printed check alignment in QuickBooks’ easy payroll, please contact our Quickbooks customer service team and our dedicated team of QuickBooks experts to resolve your problem.

What are the various alignment scenarios that you can encounter while printing checks?

Here are some of the main alignment scenarios you’ll encounter in QuickBooks Simple Payroll:

  • The check has a value that is too high to print.
  • The search isn’t legible enough to print.
  • It’s impossible to print the check because it’s too far to the left.
  • The check is printed too far to the right.

How can Intuit Online Payroll balance pre-printed paychecks?

To sync pre-printed paychecks with QuickBooks basic payroll, follow the steps below:

  • First and foremost, you must select the Setup tab.
  • After that, go to the Preferences section and choose Paycheck Printing.
  • Then, in Paycheck Printing Settings, choose Pre-printed QuickBooks Compliant Voucher Search Stock.
  • Make a decision When you’re done, press OK to print 2 Stubs or 1 Stub.
  • Select the Open Alignment Slot to continue. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll see a blank page or a message telling you to enable Chrome plugins. In this case, for example:
  • Select the menu icon under the X button from inside the Chrome window.
  • After that, go to Settings, then Advanced once more.
  • Go ahead and choose Content Settings, then choose PDF documents once more.
  • Remember to uncheck the box that says “Download PDF files rather than opening them in Chrome right away.”
  • And after that, to close the pop-up window, obey the guidelines.
  • The alignment page will be written on plain paper if you want Match Checks.
  • Stack your printout on a piece of pre-printed check stock and attempt to maintain it up to a light to adjust the positioning.
  • Follow the instructions on the file after printing.
  • Follow the options below to choose the best-fit letters and numbers for the alignment.

Scenario 1: The Check Is Printed Too High

If the check is too large to print and you need to fit pre-printed paychecks into QuickBooks’ easy payroll, choose a letter from the list to send down-the-page details.

Scenario 2: The Check Printing Quality Is Inadequate

If the check is too small to print, you must choose a letter to move the information to the tab.

Scenario 3: The check is printed too far to the left.

If you’d like to adjust the print alignment for pre-printed checks in QuickBooks basic payroll, you’ll need a higher number on the list to move the information to the right of the tab.

Scenario 4: The check is printed too far to the right.

If you’re wondering how to correctly align my pre-printed checks to print when they’re printed too far to the right, choose a lower number from the list to transfer the information to the left side of the page.

 Final thoughts

This article will show you how to use QuickBooks to sync pre-printed paychecks with easy payroll. Please contact us at our Quickbooks customer care number if you have any concerns about the method or need to speak with a QuickBooks expert. While linked, you can easily align pre-printed paychecks with QuickBooks basic payroll. You can get assistance by sending an email to You can find more QuickBooks-related items on our website,

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