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QuickBooks POS Support to resolve POS Financial Exchange Error in QuickBooks Desktop

You will be surprised to know that we are using the upcoming software which is very much in demand to satisfy the needs of a client. If you are the owner of your business who are using QuickBooks as a software for their business for handling multiple records, and managing the database of records. QuickBooks Point of Sale is suitable for any kind of business dealing in any brands or fields.

What do you know about QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

QuickBooks financial exchange errors helps you to keep record of the accounting data. When the data gets exchanged between the two applications, this error occurs. It helps in reducing the manpower and their pressure of doing work. It helps to test the activities in sale system. You can directly exchange your data to the financial software without even filling the form for the next time. The error shown on screen is “No money displayed in inventory assets”. You may consult QuickBooks POS Support.

How to Resolve QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error?

You can get along these methods to resolve the error, follow the below listed methods very carefully:

Method 1: Verify the log file of Activity

  • Operate the activity log file
  • Click on the Financial Center
  • If you have not received any error yet, it means you have successfully solved the issue

Method 2: Announce Mapping Account

  • Click on File menu, Choose Preferences tab
  • Select the company, select the accounts
  • Reconcile the settings

Method 3: If you are using the latest QuickBooks version

  • Run the QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Click on Sales History
  • Choose Receipt Causing Error
  • Click on Financial
  • Highlight the document
  • Click on OK

If still you are facing the hurdle, you are free to contact us at QuickBooks POS Support

If you are using some other version

  • Search for the receipt number
  • Click on POS
  • Choose Scan Sales History
  • Click on the specified receipt in the error
  • Choose I want to
  • Choose View Financial History
  • Select Mark this document and then choose OK

Try the last method, if at all still stuck, you can also mail us at QuickBooks POS Support mail id.

Method 5: If still the error is displayed

  • Click on Purchasing
  • Click on History tab
  • Select Among the Vouchers
  • Click on I want to
  • Choose Show Financial Details

The details provided above is showing you the different solutions, but if in case you still face the error you can instantly call us on our toll free number QuickBooks POS Support @ 1-800-731-1629  and you can also drop a mail to us on our mail id at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can also be in touch with our executives available 24*7 to guide you so that you can make your accounting record bug free.

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