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Learn to Create an Estimate in QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Support

If you are using QuickBooks as a software in your company file, then you must be thinking to create an estimate which helps in creating proposal, or any of the quotation, later on that specified estimate can be converted in sales order or into an invoice.

There are steps listed which will help you to create the invoices in QuickBooks Desktop:

But, foremost thing is to make sure the feature of estimate is turned on:

  • Double click on the icon of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Log in to the QuickBooks company file as Admin.
  • In the QuickBooks Edit menu, click on Preferences.
  • On the left window tab, click on Jobs Estimates then in the Company Preferences tab.
  • Choose Yes to the question “Do you create estimates?”
  • Click on OK.

How will you create an Estimate?

Create an estimate:

  • In the QuickBooks Home screen or in the Customers menu, click on Estimates or in Create Estimates.
  • In the Customer: Job drop-down menu, click on a customer or customer job.
  • If the customer or job is not mentioned on the list you can click on Add New.
  • Fulfil all the relevant details on the top of the form like the Date and Estimate Number.
  • In the detail area, click on the item you want to include be it in form of sale or proposal. You can delete or modify or you can say customize this while you are creating Estimates.
  • If you are thinking to apply for a discount, you must create a discount item.
    • In the QuickBooks Lists menu, click on Item List.
    • Right-click on the screen and choose New.
    • In the New Item window tab, click on the Type on the drop-down menu and select Discount.
    • Type an Item Name or Number and a summarized Description.
    • In the Amount or % field, type the amount on which you want to give the discount or type the percentage. If at all your amount of discount varies, you may either leave the Amount or mark % field blank, type the amount directly on your sales forms.
    • In the Account drop-down menu, select the income account you want to use to keep record of the discounts you give to customers.
    • Choose an exact Tax Code for the item and then click on OK.
  • Click on Save Close.

If by following these methods, you are still not able to create an estimate, immediately contact QuickBooks Support toll free number @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also mail us at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can also make our chat process active for all your queries you come across in QuickBooks. Our leaders are available 24*7 to help you in the best way they can to make your accounting stress free.

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