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Call QuickBooks Support Number and Learn to Email your Expenses Receipts and Bills

In this article below you will learn how to email your expense receipts and bills into QuickBooks Online. You can contact us on QuickBooks Contact Number to know more.

Once you get your receipts and bills into QuickBooks you see a receipt tab.

In case you already have a receipt, email it to QuickBooks. Our team will extract information from the receipt and then create a transaction which you can review. Thereafter, you can start editing the receipt or add and match it to an account or any existing receipt. You can also save the receipt for tax times.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Registration of your Email

  • In the Banking menu/Transactions menu, click on the Receipts tab.
  • Click on Register your email to begin.
  • Take note on how to manage users and addresses

Step 2: In this step you’ll have to Email or forward receipts and bills to our email

  • Attach the receipts or bill to an email. For e.g. – You can take a photo of the receipt and email or send a file in a PDF, jpeg or png
  • Send us your receipts or bills to our email. The process will take a few minutes. If there would be any problem you will automatically receive an Email.
  • Once it comes into our system, QuickBooks will automatically try to get name of the vendor, date, total and last four digits of the credit or debit cards. In the receipt tab, you’ll see the receipt for review.

Please note: You can send a number of receipts and bills in a single email. The file size should not be more than 20 MB. You also need to make sure that each image or file contains only one receipt.

Step 3: In this step you’ll review and categorize your receipts and bills

  • Read the article below to enter, attach and track expenses receipts and bills you capture using your phone or email to QuickBooks.
  • You’ll see the Receipts tab, after you click on the banking or transactions menu. The receipt tab is a place where you can manage and match the receipts and bills at a single place.

Please note: QuickBooks only supports PDFs and Images in jpeg, jpg or png formats. In case of an Iphone or ipad you’ll have an HEIC format image. Learn how to convert HEIC format images into a compatible format, call QuickBooks support number.

Step 1: Addition of receipts and bills into QuickBooks

Please Note: This feature doesn’t intend to transfer or store sensitive information, for eg. Credit card number (full), health information or government identifier.

  • To add receipts and bills, use a web browser.
  • In a web browser open QuickBooks Online.
  • Select Banking or Transactions from the left menu.
  • Click on the Receipts tab.
  • Drag and drop the file directly into QuickBooks Online. You can also click on Browse and upload them.

Please Note: Every image or file you are uploading should contain a single receipt or bill.

To get receipts and bills into QuickBooks you follow the steps given below also.

  • You do not need to upload the receipts from the computer only. You can manually enter them by the follow the steps given below.

There are two ways to do this-

By using a mobile device for adding receipts and bills:

You can also make use of the mobile app for scanning and uploading the receipts and bills from you mobile phone. (QuickBooks mobile app is available for both IOS and Android.)

  • After downloading the app you need to install the app.
  • In the app tap the Menu ≡.
  • Tap the Receipt snap.
  • Now, Tap the Receipt Camera and then take a snapshot of the photo of your receipt.
  • Tap Use this photo and then tap Done.

Already review receipts can be viewed; also the receipts that are waiting for review in the mobile app can be reviewed.  You need to sign in to QuickBooks in a web browser to add receipts on your books.

The receipts that are captured can be appearing on the receipts tab with other receipts you’ve added.

Using an email for addition of receipts and bills:

Send us an email with your receipts and bill, after which we’ll create a transaction that can reviewed on the basis of the provide information.

Step 2: Reviewing, editing, or matching receipts and bills

Once the receipts and bills are added to QuickBooks, the added receipts will show up in the Review tab where it can be reviewed, edited, and match transactions.

  • Click on Banking or Transactions from the left menu.
  • In the Receipts tab, you need to click on the row in order to have a side-by-side view of the receipt that you’ve sent and the data which we have extracted. Now, you can also choose:
  • Edit the extracted information for the receipt. Selecting Review allows you to choose the match you want if there are multiple matches.
  • With the receipt attached, you’ll have to create a new expense in QuickBooks.
  • When you are ready to match the receipt match it with an existing record in QuickBooks.

Please Note: When both imported banking transaction and a receipt are in for review, QuickBooks will not suggest you a match unless you click on add for one of them.

Important Tip: In case, you have sales tax turned in your company file, you can:

Click on the tax type and rate from the drop-down in order to automatically calculate the amount of tax.

In the tax amount field, edit the value for multiple rates or items that are non-taxable.

 To change the value of tax calculated for a group rate, edit the total amount of tax deduction. This is only applied across respective codes proportionally into groups.

To know more on how to email your expenses receipts and bills call us on our QuickBooks Support number or write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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