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Want To set your Advanced Inventory Working Then Contact QuickBooks Support

Advanced Inventory is that feature through which you can keep a track of different inventories and their locations. You can opt for it, if and when you are using QuickBooks Desktop by purchasing or subscribing to Advanced Inventory. This option will provide a lot of facilities in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise like:

It takes care of complete site operation during the fulfillment of any sales order.

First In First Out Costing of Inventories (FIFO cost)

As mentioned about in Advanced Inventory you have the facility to locate and keep a track of inventories at multiple locations.

¶ It will provide the facility to track a complete lot or bin.

You even have the feature of providing a proper Serial or lot number.

¶ We even get the option to get the bar code scanning done of the inventories.

Know how to turn on the Advanced Inventory feature:

i. In your QuickBooks desktop go to the Edit in menu.

ii. Then go to Preferences.

iii. This will open a window in which on left you see the option Items & Inventory.

iv. After selecting it, move on to the Company Preferences tab.

v. Put a check on Inventory and Purchase Orders are Active

vi. Now choose the Advanced Inventory Settings button.


When you select the Advanced Inventory Settings button there is a possibility that the option or the button is grayed out even after a successful purchase of Advanced inventory feature. In this case you will have to sync the license data online so that the concerned feature is recognized by QuickBooks desktop.

So, how do we do that?

In your QuickBooks desktop go to help.

Then scroll to Manage my License

Then click on Sync License Data Online

Further you will see that the Advanced Inventory Settings button is no longer unavailable. You may close and re-launch your QuickBooks desktop to check if it is working all fine.

If the sync still does not work then you are recommended to contact QuickBooks Customer Support Number representative for assisting you further.

If you face any issues further or have any question regarding company setting kindly contact QuickBooks technical support representative for further assistance.

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