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Know How To Switch Between Company Files And Banking Modes With The Help Of Quickbooks Support

This article is truly suitable if you are using QuickBooks Online mobile app and looking at ways to switch between company files and banking modes. The QuickBooks support team will guide you with the steps to switch between files and modes.

Switching company files

You can easily switch from one to another in the mobile app while having more than one company file in your QuickBooks online. The steps are easy and quick.

Follow the steps given below to switch company files in QuickBooks:

If you are using an iOS device

To switch companies in an iOS device:

1. From the QuickBooks main menu on your device, go to Settings. Click on Switch Company from the menu list.

2. Once the switch company window appears on the screen, choose a different company you want to switch your file with.

If you are using an Android device:

To switch companies in an android device:

1. From the QuickBooks main menu on your device, click on the arrow next to the current company name.

2. From the list of companies, choose a different company.

If you face trouble while working on the application or you receive an error, contact QuickBooks Support Number @ 1-800-731-1629.

Switching banking modes

Express and classic are the two modes supported by QuickBooks desktop. You can choose either of the bank feed modes to choose how transactions are displayed and handled in your QuickBooks.


• Rules created in express mode cannot be renamed in classic mode also known as register mode, and express mode doesn’t allow aliases to be created as in classic mode.

• According to the troubleshooting requirement, you can switch between the modes available.

To switch between Bank Feeds modes:

1. Make sure that your QuickBooks is updated to the latest release.

You can contact QuickBooks support to get help with updating QuickBooks desktop.

2. You need to use QuickBooks in single-user mode. Make sure that multi-user mode is turned off and no other user is logged in on another computer.

3. Once you are done with mode settings, go to the QuickBooks Edit menu, click on Preferences.

4. Choose Checking from the left pane and then go to the Company Preferences tab.

5. Select the required mode from the Bank Feeds section:

Choosing Express Mode

Express mode is Available in QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and later. To match or add transactions in this mode, you can use the Transactions List window. More flexible Renaming rules are available in express mode and the rules to rename are created automatically in this mode. Click on Transaction List to go to the downloaded transactions list. You will see Download Transactions if there are no downloaded transactions ready for adding and matching.

Choosing Classic Mode

The account register is used in a classic mode to add or match transactions. Names exactly match with aliases and you control when aliases are created. You can add and match the transactions in classic mode. Selectively view, to access the transactions and start adding and matching them.

6. Once the appropriate mode is selected, click on OK.

If you face any problem or to get guidance with banking modes, you can consult QuickBooks Technical Support experts.

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