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Know How Troubleshooting Can Fix Error With Web Connector With The Help Of Quickbooks Support

Through this article, our QuickBooks support team will guide you how you can resolve the errors with your web connector. QuickBooks desktop provides the feature called web connector which enables the exchange of data between QuickBooks products and specially designed web-based applications.

Below are some web connector errors with their probable causes and solutions. Go through the following to troubleshoot your web connector error to reach our expert team @ www.quickbooksupport.net.

Error QBWC1005: Web Connector failed to run.

The error will ask you to see the QWCLog.txt file for trace information

Probable Reason: this error probably occurs when QuickBooks Web Connector is unable to create the log file. The expected log directory could not be found, for some reason, and QuickBooks doesn’t allow the current user to create directories.

Solution: check for the permissions to create directories. The current login user must have all the required permissions to create directories.

Error QBWC1006: Web Connector failed to run.

The error will ask you to see the QWCLog.txt file for trace information

Probable Reason: the error occurs when the QuickBooks Web Connector fails to run because it is unable to find the appropriate log file.

Solution: check the permissions for protecting the log file or log file director.

Ensure to remove the protection from the log file in order to let web connector find the file.

You can locate the file in: C:\Users\Public\AppData\local\Intuit\QuickBooks Web Connector\version directory

Error QBWC1007: An error while connecting to QuickBooks. [A Message is displayed by QuickBooks].

Also, you may encounter error QBWC1008 or error QBWC1009 if you are not able to connect to QuickBooks. The task could not be completed.

Probable reasons:

• QuickBooks has stopped running

• Company file is not open

• A dialog box appears which prevents the connection to establish


1. Try to launch QuickBooks again. If QuickBooks is currently open, close and retry to open.

2. Open the desired company file.

3. Close the dialog box that appears and try to perform the task again.

Note: if the error appears again, note the error and reach QuickBooks Support. Connect to our live experts to resolve the errors.

Error QBWC1011: the error displays “Application named does not exist in registry”.

Probable Reason: it is because the view and registry are out of sync.

Solution: you are required to restart your web connector.

1. Close all the windows that are open in Web Connector.

2. Exit the web connector by simply right-clicking the web connector icon and choose exit.

3. Open the Web Connector again.

Note: after restarting the web connector,re-add the.QWC file from the party if you do not see the application in the list

Error QBWC1016: the error appears if the application to be updated is not selected.

Probable reason: Update option is selected in Web Connector without first selecting any applications.

Solution: first select the application to be updated by selecting the checkbox on the left side of the application and then click update.

Error QBWC1018: this error appears if No application is available to select at the time of selection.

Probable reason: selection in QuickBooks web connector was done when there was no application available in the location.(the user might have pressed select all option)

Solution: before choosing select all, Load an application (.QWC) file into QuickBooks Web Connector.

Error QBWC1019: the error appears if No application is available for deselecting at the time of operation.

Probable reason: deselecting was done when there was already no application loaded in QuickBooks Web Connector.

Solution: before choosing select none, ensure there are applications already added in Web Connector.

Error QBWC1020: Web Connector unable to run scheduled jobs .a message appears asking if “you still want to exit?”

Probable reason: you must already be having a scheduled job while you try to exit the web connector. If you exit while having scheduled jobs, you may encounter this error.


• Turn off Auto-Run before you exit the Web Connector.

• Uncheck all boxes for scheduled jobs that are under the Auto-Run column and then click Exit.

• Click yes on the error message to Force quit the Web Connector

Error QBWC1022: “An error occurred while connecting to QuickBooks.

You would require fixing the error and then try to connect to QuickBooks.

Error QBWC1023 or QBWC1024: also occurs when the user is “Unable to connect to QuickBooks or it displays that the Task could not be completed.

Probable reason: The error occurs when trying the FileID is not found while adding this application to the registry.

It may be because

• QuickBooks has stopped running.

• The company file is not open in QuickBooks

• A dialog box is preventing the connection to establish.


1. Try to launch QuickBooks again. If QuickBooks is currently open, close and retry to open.

2. Open the desired company file.

3. Close the dialog box that appears and try to perform the task again.

4. Note: if the error still appears on your QuickBooks desktop, reach our QuickBooks  Technical Support team.

Error QBWC1030: Password unavailable for the named application

Probable reason: the user might have Forgot to set a password while requesting an update.

Solution: password needs to be created in Web Connector for the particular application.

You can contact your application provider, if you are having trouble with the password.

Error QBWC1032: application could not be find in registry to complete scheduled update

Probable reason: Web Connector could not find the application in the registry while performing the scheduled update operation.


Solution 1: Exit the Web Connector after turning off the autorun.

1. Uncheck all the boxes under the Auto-Run column and then click Exit.

2. Restart the web connector.

Solution 2: Remove the application and reload it again

1. Select remove available on the right side of the application that is causing the error in web connector.

2. Click add an application and choose the .QWC file of the removed application, then click OK.

Error QBWC1033: QuickBooks web connector failed to initialize QWCLog.txt file and stop running.

Ensure that the QWCLog.txt file is writeable and try again.

Probable reason: QuickBooks Web Connector was unable to use the QWCLog.txt file because the appropriate permissions are not given to the file.

• The QWCLog.txt directory does not exist.

• The file is set with read-only permission.

• Your hard disk file system does not have any space left.


1. Login to the computer as administrator.

2. Set up the QuickBooks Web Connector.

Error QBWC1035: failure due to exception. An error message will appear describing the cause of the error.

Probable reason: you might have got the wrong .QWC file. The .QWC file contains the AppURL or AppSupport with the local host which is intended for development purpose only.

The .QWC file that you have must contain a qualified web address for AppURL and AppSupport.

Solution: to get the appropriate .QWC file. You may contact your application provider for that.

Error QBWC1037: error with the version of QuickBooks web connector.

Probable reason: this error usually occurs when there is a need to upgrade the web connector. The web connector may abort the data processing if you encounter this error. It may ask you to download an updated version of the web connector.

Solution: some web application instructions will be shown in a message box. Follow the instructions as given.

Mostly, you will be asked to upgrade your web connector. You can reach our team if you find trouble doing that.

Error QBWC1038: master key input required from user.

Master key required continuing the operation. You can reset the master key if you forgot by re-entering the password.

Probable reason: you might have entered the wrong master key. a prompt will appear for a master key to decrypt the password but you might have entered a wrong key or the master key input was canceled out of.

Solution: you need to get the master key to continue with the process. If you forgot, you don’t need to worry. You can reset the master key, using the password.

Error QBWC1039: A problem while adding the application to registry. You may see QWCLog.txt for more information

Probable reason:

• Some required elements may be missing in the .QWC file.or the third party application must be causing the error.

• The company file is not available at its specific location

• The third-party application or Warehouse Manager was removed from the QuickBooks Web Connector in an incorrect manner

Solution: .QWC file needs to be reloaded.

Error QBWC1040: invalid username or password

Probable reason: there might be an issue with the application password. The password could be incorrect.


• Ask your application provider for the right password.

• Set a correct password in the web connector.

Error QBWC1048: web application server certificate could not be verified by QuickBooks web connector

Probable reason: you may get the error if a web service using a cert URL requires authentication which could not be verified.

Solution: you may require contacting your application provider.

Error QBWC1085: unable to write to the log file. QuickBooks will open without writing to log file

Probable reason: damaged QWCLOG.TXT file which is used by the Web Connector, or the web connector could not access the file.

You may face either of the two errors.

QBWC1085: QuickBooks will open without anything on the log file since QuickBooks was unable to write in the log files.

QBWC1085: damaged log file may urge Web Connector to continue without the log file.

• An unknown name exception error.


If not connected to a third party program

1. Login to windows as Administrator.

2. Go to the startup folder.

you can locate : C:\ProgramData\ Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

3. Right-click on QuickBooks Web Connector and click delete.

4. Open QuickBooks desktop again after restarting your computer.

If connected to a third party application through Web Connector

1. Close all applications (QuickBooks and the web connector)

2. Right-click on QWCLOG.TXT and choose rename.

You can locate: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log


4. Restart the computer and open the web connector again.

5. Launch QuickBooks Desktop and log in to your third-party application.

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