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Call Quickbooks Support USA to Pay Bonus in Quickbooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks is outstanding software, which designed to meet the need of various entrepreneurs and other scale industries.  It has various features that can easily full fill all your business requirements. You can not only have a track of financial activities but you can even do other work like creating payroll, Bonus, accounting sheet and lot more. This is considered as one of the magical software as it has reduced the burden of the business owner.

This blog is definitely going to help our users who face problem in paying and creating Bonus. Below our QuickBooks Support expert as provided few steps that would help our clients to have a better understanding regarding this topic.

Paying Bonus to an employee is a way to appreciate their hard work. But the main problem arises will designing the bonus and few of our employees even don’t know how to make bonus with the help of QuickBooks Software. Now let’s have a look!

How to Create Regular Bonus paycheck

  • Open your dashboard of your QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Select Employee.
  • Turn on your payroll button.
  • As soon as the new tab opens. You will see employees list.
  • Select the employee whose bonus you want to increase
  • Click on the tab where employee name is mention.
  • After clicking a new page will open click on Pay ( pencil icon)
  • Now on “How much do you pay” click on the pencil icon near Additional pay types, Overtime pay, Sick pay, Vacation pay.
  •  Now on the new page, you will see Bonus option,Check it.
  • Now click done.
  • After Clicking done you will go back to previous page click done over there also.
  • After clicking on done a popup box will appear “We need more info about ABC”

*Note here ABC refers to the name of the employee Click on Finish this later.

  • On your dashboard, Click on Employees tab and you can see Bonus listed on employee page.
  • Now again click on Employee and select Run payroll.
  • Now on the bonus section enter the amount.
  • Click on preview payroll and make all the required changes for all the employees. And then select submit Payroll.
  • Click on Finish payroll and it’s done.

How to Create Separate Bonus Paycheck

There are two ways to create the bonus:

  1. By clicking on gross pay
  2. By clicking on net pay
  3. On Run payroll tab you will see an arrow as you bring your mouse cursor on it Bonus only will appear. Click on it.
  4. Now the fresh page you will see two option As net pay and As gross pay.Check on As gross payand click Continue.
  5. Now enter the amount of the individual employee and make sure you uncheck others and click on Preview payroll and then submit payroll.
  6. Now let’s click on As net pay. And click Continue
  7. And follow the above steps. After clicking on submit payroll
  8. You can see the net pay of the individual employee and click on finish payroll.

After going through both the ways you will notice when you click on gross pay. The net pay is less as compared to the second option. In case you are still confused you can make an immediate contact with our QuickBooks Payroll Support toll-free number.