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How to link a bank deposit to an invoice in QuickBooks Online with the help of QuickBooks Support?

Once user will receive bank deposits from their customer, then they need to link them to an invoiceThis process will keep your records accurate and helps in avoiding the errors at the time of reconciling their account. Now we will show you how to link a deposit to an invoice with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Support USA.

There are few things that need to be check, before you link a deposit to an invoice:

  • Users need to make sure that there’s an invoice for the customer.
  • Users need to make sure that there’s a payment registered through Bank Deposit and not through Receive Payment.
  • After that confirm that the payment hasn’t been entered and it should be linked to the invoice.

Users need to find and edit the deposit in QuickBooks Online.

1.   First of all, click & select Accounting.

2.   Next click & select Chart of Accounts.

3.   Then Find the account in which you have deposited the amount, and then select View register.

4.   Now find and select the correct deposit, and then select Edit

5.   You can find the deposit from the add funds to this deposit section

6.   Open the Received From ▼ dropdown menu, and then select the customer the deposit was from

7.   Open the Account ▼ dropdown menu. Then click & select Accounts Receivable.

8.   After that save it.Users need to apply the deposit entry as an invoice payment in

QuickBooks Online

1.   First, click & select + New.

2.   Next click & select Receive Payment.

3.   Now select the Customer from the ▼ dropdown menu. This will help you in displaying all open invoices and outstanding credits for your customer.

4.   Now type the day you received the payment from the Payment date field.

5.   Click & select the invoice you need to mark as paid from the Outstanding Transactions section.

6.   After that click & select the deposit, under Credits

7.   At last, click & select Save and Close.

Conclusion :

We how it will be easy to know to link a bank deposit to an invoice in QuickBooks Online with the help of QuickBooks Support after reading the article. If you need more help, then you should take the aid of this and if you have any trouble then our expertise can aid solve the issue by calling our QuickBooks Support team. At, you can also write to us. For more info, visit