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Call QuickBooks Support to know how to Upgrade or Convert your Company File to a Newer Version in the QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks is a functional framework that satisfies all the business needs. It has a wonderful feature that helps you to easily complete your tasks specific to the work. Yet, most times, glitches and mistakes crop up, possibly ruining development and efforts.

People frequently encounter circumstances like:

  • You need to upgrade this business paper. Try asking your QuickBooks administrator for a file upgrade.
  • A newer version of the company file you are attempting to open has been developed.
  • You want to know if you can open the older versions  with the newer versions of the QuickBooks

By updating or updating your company file to a newer version of the QuickBooks Desktop, you can get away of any of the above circumstances.

If you are operating on the QuickBooks and the latest edition of the QuickBooks is accessible, you will need to migrate your older version of the updated version and migrate your old company files.

Thus the, we will explain how to update or migrate your company file to a newer QuickBooks version herein.

Organize the company file for the conversion

In the company file, we have to double-check the details for errors. If the company file has been transferred, no modifications can be made to the file. Both of these things aid in transforming or updating the company file.

  • Initially, you ought to open the original QuickBooks file. And after that, the company file you intend to update has to be accessed.
  • Then, to see the product details, click the F2 button on the keyboard.
  • Now go to the section of file details and write down where the files have been placed.
  • You need to run the repair method and plan the company file for an update.

NOTE: If you hold company files on the cloud, you could transfer the company file to the local hard drive of a device for updating. On the computer, you can transfer the file once again.


Arrange all six of the key list (Re-Sort)

  • Open the Suppliers, Staff & Customers list by clicking the top bar icon Check for the list and go to Display in that go to Re-sort List after browsing the list.
  • • Item List: Go to the list, open the Item List, and afterwards press Account at the bottom left of the screen. You can see the last option, Re-sort Screen.
  • • Account tab: Open the Account tab by pressing Account in the bottom left corner of the Account chart, and the last choice is Re-Sort List.
  • You should restore the admin password and password hint now that password errors often occur so that the password can be changed for security purposes.
  • Rebuild the data: Intuit site checks and rebuilds the company date.
  • Data authentication: Read the authentication of relevant details from the Intuit platform.
  • Check the QBWin.log file for an error and scan the file for any errors. Scan the QuickBooks log file.

Upgrade or Upgrade Company File Moves

You have to download the QuickBooks Desktop app initially, and you can uninstall or convert the company file after that.

In the QuickBooks, only the admin user can update or transform a company file

If you are the only owner in your company file, you are already an administrator and in order to comply with these procedures, you would need to log in to the Admin profile.

But if you’re not the administrator, you want to update the company file with the QuickBooks and then you can get the “The company file needs to be changed” alert.

In order to change the file, please ask your QuickBooks admin. You need to turn to the admin user in this message and try again.

Do not check your file with the QuickBooks Company over a network

Going forward, you need to realize that updating company files when stored on a network or mapped drive is not necessary. This could make the conversion unsecured and put the file at risk of loss.

The QuickBooks Desktop Company file must currently be stored locally on the device through which you are viewing it.

Unable to open the improved QuickBooks data file in previous versions

If you convert to a newer version of the QuickBooks Company file after the older version of QuickBooks, you will not be able to access it.

Even so, your data file is automatically backed up by the QuickBooks Desktop before upgrading it. If you’d like to return to the older version, just in case. With your old edition of the QuickBooks, you can still recover this backup.

If, for any cause, the transition balance is disrupted, you can regain the backup with your new QuickBooks Desktop version to restart the upgrade.

The enterprise company files only work In the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise editions. 

If you’d like to try updating or converting the old version to the new edition, just follow these instructions:

  • Restore the company data file and check it.
  • Use the qbwin.log file to find and fix error messages if the authentication fails.
  • Just after upgrade is finished, running to verify the data utility ensures that the modified data file is in good form. And after that repeat the previous step if this step fails.

To upgrade or convert your QuickBooks business file, follow the instructions mentioned below

  • Download the most updated edition of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise first.

Then, press the file and then tap Open or Restore Company File.

After this, press the Open Company File tab.

Check your data file once more and press

Thereafter, review the following instructions in the Latest Software company upgrade tab. check the box to show that you know, and then pick Upgrade.

Follow the directions for how to backup the file. Notice where you’re putting it.

You are about to open a company file using a newer version of the QuickBooks when the alert arrives. Will you like to continue?

  • Appears, Select
  • as the file has been updated:
  • Store the backup that you have made in a safe position until you are confident you apparently can’t need it again.
  • Yeah, if we transferred the company files and changes it from another computer and does it again.
  • You are unable to identify the original location of your company data file, and if it is not in the required folder, check your hard drive for * .qbw files.
  • If you have the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (US) attached, then check your payroll service by logging into your account by heading to Employees and afterwards clicking my payroll service and thereafter clicking info / preference for the account.

And Tips to make sure your QuickBooks Company File is modified smoothly:

You have to do a few things in your previous version before upgrading your company file, those things are provided beneath

  • At first Resort Lists.
  • Search your data log.
  • Restore the data disc.
  • Search the error messages in your Qbwin.log file.
  • After you complete the upgrade, make sure the modified data files are in good condition by running the Verify Data utility.


Here’s how to update or convert business files to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop. When you update QuickBooks apps, it is also important to update the company file; otherwise it will cause some problems.

We hope you find this post useful. If you would like some details about this or something else, you can call our QuickBooks Support Number. Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you want to chat more. You can write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For further information, please visit www.quickbooksupport.net

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