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How to find single company listed multiple times with the help of QuickBooks Tech Support USA?

Have you ever seen in QuickBooks that one company listed repeatedly while signing into QuickBooks Online (QBO) or QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)? If yes, then no need to worry as we are here to get it fixed this issue with the help of QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number.

What happens, when one log in is being used by multiple account users.

If there is anyone who is using your sign in to check the company list in the user name column, then we will let you know a quick way to get it fixed.  One character difference you will find in each account.

If you want to remove the duplicate users, then please follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, click & select Settings ⚙️, then go for manage users.
  2. Next bold the unwanted user name, and then select remove.

In case, if there’s another user set up under your user ID, then you can set up a separate and unique credential for them:

For QuickBooks Online Accountant:

  1. First of all, log in to QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Next click & select Settings ⚙ on the Toolbar then choose Your Account.
  3. Navigate to the Personal profile tab, and then choose Edit personal information.
  4. Click & select Change sign in info by clicking on Your Sign In Information.
  5. Then click & select Continue.
  6. Log in by using your credentials.
  7. Now click & select edit in the User ID row.
  8. Type the new credentials, then click & select Save.
  9. Select Edit in the Email address row
  10. Type and confirm correct credentials, then save it.
  11. At last, save and close it.

For QuickBooks Online:

  1. First, click & select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Next click & select User Profile under Profile.
  3. Then click & select Edit in the User ID row.
  4. Now type new credentials, then select Save.
  5. Choose Edit in the Email address row, if required.
  6. Now you need to type and confirm correct email address and current password, then select Save.
  7. Then click & select Edit in the Password row.
  8. Type the new credentials.
  9. At last, click & select save.

In case, if multiple intuit products are tied to a single company in QuickBooks.

In case, if users already signed up for multiple Intuit products, then they will see multiple companies once they sign in. If they use multiple Intuit products or services for a single company, then they may see their company name appear more than once in the list.

In case, if the same company has accidentally been set up more than once in QuickBooks.

Another scenario is that you might have accidentally set up the same company more than once. The only way to tell is to access each company and compare information such as recent sales, bills, and bank register. In case, if it turns out one of the companies is an unwanted duplicate you can have the company file un-mapped.

Users has been added to another company file in error.

You can also have access to another company file if you have been accidentally added as a user. If you believe that you should not have access to that company file, go to:

  1. First, click & select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Next click & select Manage Users or Your Team (for Accountants).

With the help of this page, user will know who is Master Administrator and what their email address. They can also contact the Master Administrator to find out why they has been added as a user to the file and request to get removed, if required.


We believed that the above given information will be helpful for users to know to find single company listed multiple times with the help of QuickBooks Technical Support USA. Anyhow, if  you need to get in touch with our QuickBooks Expert then please visit our website or users can also mail to us at