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Call Certified QuickBooks Support to know how to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and Mac?

QuickBooks is accounting software which is widely used for businesses. If you are using it and want to pay your bills online then you need to contact QuickBooks Desktop Support Experts and once users record what they owe their vendors in QuickBooks Desktop machine, then users can go to the Pay Bills window to settle their payables. In case, if they received any kind of discount or credit from vendor side, then they can also apply it to their bill payment to reduce total payable.

What is pay bills or payables?

The document that shows the amount which owing for goods and services sold on credit is known as bills payable. It can include service invoices, phone bills and utility bills. These are the physical bills of sale that request payments by a certain date. If you pay bills, you should not write a check. If it is so, then your bills remain open and unpaid which leads to inaccurate financial reports. We are here to show you how to pay a bill properly.

  1. First, click & navigate to Vendors menu, then select Pay Bills.
  2. Click & select the correct accounts payable account by clicking on dropdown menu.
  3. Now you can select the checkboxes of bills that you want to pay.
  4. You may set any discount or credit for users while paying the bills.
    1. Discount – You can select discount if your vendor gave you a discount for this transaction.
    1. Credit – You can select credit if you received a credit from your vendor side, and you used it to reduce your total bill amount.
  5. You need to type the date of bill paid.
  6. Click & select the mode of payment:
    1. Check – You can do the payment through check. In case, if you want to print the check then you need to select To be Printed.
    1. Credit Card – You can also do payment through credit card.
    1. Online Bill Payment – Users can directly pay their vendor bills in QuickBooks desktop. It will help you to record your payment automatically for the accuracy.
    1. Online Bank Payment – You can also pay bill online by taking the reference number and the payment processor will print and mail a check to the employee. You should have the account number and email ID & password to get the payment done.
      You can select any mode of payment like cash, debit or ATM card, paypal, or EFT, then assign checks number even when you’re not paying with an actual check. Now type mode of payment in the check number field or you can leave it blank as well.
  7. Click & select pay selected bills.
  8. Click & select done or click on Pay More Bills in case, if you have some other bills that you need to pay.

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