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Call QuickBooks Phone Number to fix QuickBooks Update Error While Downloading a Fresh Release

When you try to upgrade your accounting software to the most recent available maintenance version, you get a QuickBooks update error. QuickBooks, as a large product, has a number of technical flaws in its coding that cause it to function poorly. Intuit finds and solves these flaws in an existing functionality of the product. A new update, also known as a Maintenance Release or Patch, can be used to access the enhanced capabilities. You may encounter a variety of technical difficulties while updating QuickBooks or installing a new version. In this article, we’ll go over the most common problems with QuickBooks updates and how to solve them.

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Factors that may lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Maintenance Error:

  • As noted below, there are various factors that may interfere with or hinder the QuickBooks Desktop update process.
  • The update error in QuickBooks can be caused by incorrect default browser settings.
  • It’s possible that background third-party applications are obstructing the update process.
  • When they identify it as a security risk, your Internet security application or Firewall may also interfere with the update process.
  • QuickBooks update problems can occur if you don’t have a robust Internet connection.
  • One of the obvious causes of the QuickBooks Desktop update problem is the presence of many instances of QuickBooks on the same desktop.

How Do You Fix an Intuit QB Update Error?

The majority of update errors are caused by Internet connectivity issues, so make sure you have a robust Internet connection to begin with. However, there are various other factors that must be addressed in order to repair the issues that occur when updating QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Ensure that you have access to the internet.

A solid Internet connection is required for the update procedure. So, before you start troubleshooting, make sure you’re connected to the Internet.

  • Start your default web browser.
  • Then, in the search field, type in a reputable website URL.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • If you receive an error notice that reads, “There is no Internet connection,” you must first establish a stable Internet connection before attempting to connect to the Intuit server. If not, move on to the next QuickBooks update error troubleshooting method.

Solution 2: Double-check your computer’s data and time.

If the date and time on your desktop are incorrect, you must correct them by following the instructions described below:

  • Right-click on the date and time in the lower right corner of your screen by moving your cursor over it.
  • From the menu, choose Adjust Date and Time.
  • Uncheck automatically set the time slider box.
  • Now you can move about. Then hit Change after changing the date and time settings.
  • Please ensure the option to Set the Time Zone Automatically is enabled on and that the time is correct.
  • Save your changes and attempt updating QuickBooks once more.
  • Try the next remedy if the QuickBooks Payroll update error again.

Solution 3: Use Safe Mode to download the update.

  • Third-party applications will not be able to interfere with the update process if you download QuickBooks in safe mode.
  • To begin the troubleshooting process, run your computer in Safe Mode.
  • Now try downloading the update once more.
  • If everything goes OK, restart your computer in normal mode and download the update again.

If the QuickBooks update error warning reappears on the screen, proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

Solution 4: Uninstall Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Copies on the Same Computer

When you try to install a new version of QuickBooks Desktop, you may get a QuickBooks update problem because you have numerous copies installed on the same computer. In this case, you’ll need to uninstall one of the QB installations other than the one on Windows. Wait for the procedure to complete before attempting to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version available.

Solution 5: Install the Digital Signature Certificates

When Intuit is unable to authenticate the digital signing certificate, an Intuit QB Update error may appear. If there is a problem, you must install a digital signature certificate by following the instructions below:

  • Go to C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks on your computer.
  • Right-click on the QBW32.exe file to open it.
  • Select Properties after that.
  • Select the Digital Signature option.
  • Also, double-check that Intuit is selected in the signature list.
  • Within the Digital Signature Details window, click Details and then View Certificate.
  • Click Install Certificate in the Certificate window immediately.
  • After that, click Next, and afterwards Finish.
  • Restart the computer and launch QuickBooks.
  • Re-download the update.
  • If the QuickBooks update failed message persists, try the next option.

Solution 6: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool can help you resolve installation difficulties that cause important update problems. You must first download and instal QuickBooks Tool Hub on your PC in order to use the tool:

  • Close QuickBooks first.
  • We recommend that you get the most recent version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file from the downloads folder.
  • To instal the tool hub, follow the directions on the screen.
  • Accept the terms and conditions as well.
  • By tapping twice on the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub icon, you can access the tool hub.

Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostics program.

  • Select Installation Issues from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Then, select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the drop-down menu.
  • Allow the utility to complete its task of resolving the installation issues.
  • Restart QuickBooks and your PC.


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