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Fix QuickBooks Error 140300 with the help of QuickBooks Customer Care

When attempting to conduct a financial exchange, QuickBooks error 140300 appears. The maximum authorized number of goods in your QuickBooks financial software inventory has been reached, according to error 140300. Following the general data description for Point of Sale [Sales tax], sales and receiving data information for all the items lately added will be recorded in your financial program.

QuickBooks Desktop customers will receive 14,500 (the maximum amount of limits) limits. When it reaches this point, the error 140300 appears. Learn what to do if your QuickBooks Desktop has hit its maximum amount of items.

Look at the causes and symptoms of the problem before proceeding with troubleshooting remedies. Simply contact QuickBooks customer care for further information.

QuickBooks Error Code 140300 potential causes.

We’ve worked out what causes QuickBooks error code 140300 to appear in your system. Take a look at the following reasons right now:

  • When new software is installed or upgraded without eliminating the old software’s dangerous files,
  • Malware, virus, and spyware are all to blame.
  • Errors relating to the Windows registry
  • System files are wrongly setup, causing damage to your operating system’s registry.
  • Slower performance, system crashes, freezing issues, and other issues can cause Windows errors.

Consequences of QuickBooks Error Code 140300

The following are the symptoms of QuickBooks problem code 140300:

  • You can’t open the corporate file any longer.
  • Errors in the HTTP protocol
  • In front of you, a blue screen will appear.
  • Issues with Input-Output
  • Errors during shutdown

How to Fix Error Code 140300 in QuickBooks?

We’ve included some options for resolving problem code 140300 in QuickBooks below. To get rid of the error, follow the instructions carefully:

Solution 1:  Changes to the Application Data Path in the Registry

  • Go to Start and type regedit.exe into the search box.
  • Within RegEdit, look for the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folder.
  • Double-click the App data item twice.
  • Then select OK to override the original setting with your own local profile path.
  • Start your computer again.

Solution 2: In Point of Sale, change the options to transfer data to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Select File, then Preferences, and then Company.
  • Select your financial preference.
  • To send receipts and vouchers with section, go to Send receipts and vouchers with section and then to Summarized item totals.
  • Save by using the Save button.
  • Start verifying your issue status with QuickBooks Desktop after you’ve completed the financial exchange.

Solution 3: Use Reimage Repair Tool to perform a full scan.

  • Save your file after installing the Reimage repair tool on your computer so that you may simply access your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Simply open the file after it has been downloaded and begin the installation procedure.
  • The UAC message appears when you run a software.
  • To proceed, click Yes to confirm your decision.
  • When you select a software, a home page will appear in your browser.
  • Leave the checked box unchecked if you want your reimage tool to scan automatically.
  • Start the installation procedure by pressing the Start button; the tool will now be installed on your computer.
  • You’ll need a stable internet connection to download the overall updates.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to do a full scan of your machine.
  • You’ll know what parts of your PC are damaged after the scan is finished.
  • Simply click the Start Repair button to have it repaired.
  • Restart your computer once the repair process is completed.

Solution 4: Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the Enterprise Edition of QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise gives you access to nearly 100,000 inventory items, vendors, and customers.

 Conclusion :

After adopting the remedies, you should no longer be seeing error code 140300 in QuickBooks. Our above-mentioned methods will undoubtedly assist you in debugging the error; however, if you continue to receive the same error, don’t panic; you may ask your questions by contacting our QuickBooks specialists by dialing our QuickBooks customer care number. If you have any questions, please email us at You can also go to, which is a website dedicated to answering QuickBooks questions.

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