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The QuickBooks has a pre – defined fund account that holds funds from the company’s purchases before they are paid into your bank account.

This are named undeposited QuickBooks funds that are used when you deposit such transfers into the bank to carry invoice payments. This workflow is especially important for QuickBooks users who do not handle the QuickBooks Payments transactions and who also do not import payment information from external processing providers.

This is a provisional account, meaning you can’t actually deposit cash into it. When you get a deposit slip from your bank, you can quickly combine these transfers into a single transaction.

We will cover the measures for depositing undeposited funds into QuickBooks now in this post. In the meantime, read this post to learn how to use the undeposited funds account in the QuickBooks Online to collect payments.


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Measures for depositing the QuickBooks Undeposited Funds

  1. Enter the Undeposited Funds Transactions:
  2. Undeposited Assets Deposit
  3. Check your account for Undeposited Funds

Enter Undeposited Funds Transactions:

  1. At first Go to the menu for “Lists” and select “Items.”
  2. Now, from the ‘Form’ drop-down, select the payment method, then add additional transaction details, if any.
  3. Pick “Bank” from the drop-down menu and tap on “Undeposited funds,” and afterwards click on “OK.”

Deposit of Funds Undeposited

  1. Go to the “Banking” menu first, and then click “Making Deposits.”
  2. The fees you require to deposit are chosen from Undeposited Assets. If your ‘Deposit Transfers’ window does not start immediately, then press the’ Payments’ button in the ‘Create Deposits’ pane. And pick “OK.”
  3. Once again, pick ‘Deposit To’ from the drop-down menu and choose the bank account you would like to use for your deposit.
  4. Then enter the date in the Date area, and then enter any subsequent payments that have not come from the unspecified fund account, if necessary, to deposit.
  5. To print a deposit slip, press the Print choice.
  6. To save the transaction, press “Yes” Taking the bank with a deposit slip and deposit the funds into your account

Check your record of Undeposited Funds

 In order to clear the funds that have been vacant to move further transfers, it is advisable to check your undefined fund account.

  • Search for the Lists menu first and select the Account Map.
  • Right-click on Undeposited Funds after that and pick Quick Report: Undeposited Funds.
  • Pick everything from the Dates drop-down menu and press the Modify Summary tab.
  • Click the Filters tab, go to the Filter list, click the transparent alternative, and select NO, then select OK.
  • You will see if an account is left in the undeposited account in the study. You may then add these fees to the deposit, if any,

Things one can do With the Undeposited Funds in the QuickBooks,

The Unspecified funds are an internal account of other current assets prepared by QuickBooks Desktop to deposit funds before you are able to invest them. When obtaining a bill, using the bill object on the invoice, or entering a sales receipt, this serves as an automatic deposit.

Will a cash account contain undeposited funds?

Yes, a cash account is an undeposited investment.

Hope you enjoy reading this post and have all the answers to your questions, i.e. how to deposit undeposited funds in QuickBooks.

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