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Learn to Generate Trade in Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop Point of sale with QuickBooks POS Support

You very well know the category of your business which you adopt items as trade-ins or new items on new sales. You can use the following are steps for creating a credit for a trade-in and then bring out that credit on a consequent sale.

You really know about QuickBooks software?

If yes, then you are the correct person to select QuickBooks as a software for your business but if you don’t have the knowledge of QuickBooks, you must contact QuickBooks POS Support they will surely provide you a detailed glimpse on QuickBooks POS.

How to create transactions in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale?

Method 1. Create the trade-in item

  • On your PC, open QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale,
  • Then click on Inventory and then select Item list.
  • Click on Add to create the item.
  • In the Add Inventory Item window tab, type the preferred trade in item name and price field.
  • Click on Save.

If you are now able to create trade in item then you are indeed at successful stage else immediately contact QuickBooks POS Support or you can also try for another method.

Method 2. Take the item in trade

  • In the Make a Sale screen, type the trade-in item you have created in earlier method. Make sure that you have updated the number of items in the quantity column.
  • Add the name of your customer.
  • Click on Return Item to display the receipt as a return and thus displays a negative quantity for the item.
  • Choose Account and then click on Make payment on account.
  • Click on Save, then choose Save & Print.

If you are getting stuck you may immediately contact our toll free number.

Method 3. Use the trade-in item cross the purchase

  • In the Make a Sale screen, add the name of the same customer for the trade in, then choose the item which you want to purchase
  • Click on Account as the mode of payment and then click on Charge to account.
  • Choose Save & Print.

This might have sorted out issue, if not drop a mail to us.

Method 4. After running the End of Day procedure, clean the customer’s account

The following steps only apply if you’re using QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software.

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, click on Customers 
  • In Receive Payments.
  • Type the name of customer in the Received From field.
  • Confirm the Customer Payment window which reflects both invoice created by the sale and credit created by the trade-in.
  • Apply the credit to the invoices you made and save the transaction.
    • Click on Discounts and Credits.
    • In the Credits tab, verify the availability of credits of the customer.
    • Click on Done.
  • In the invoice, make sure the amount which was applied in the Credits column should be correct. Click on Save.

Contact QuickBooks POS Support for any of your query you come across. If at all you stuck with hurdles in QuickBooks, you are free to call us at QuickBooks POS Support @ 1-800-731-1629 and you can also mail us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Our executives are available all round the clock and available geographically.

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