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The budget and forecast reports in the QuickBooks will provide detailed insights into your company’s success. You will equate the real sales and expenditures to the budgeted sums of your business using all these reports. In QuickBooks, as you build a budget and forecast, it helps you to assess the cost-saving opportunities and how your revenue streams can be increased. In this article, in QuickBooks Desktop, we will explore how you can build a budget and forecast to use them for your business growth.

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What is the difference in QuickBooks between budget and forecast?

Let’s address the primary distinction between the two terms while we discuss how to build a budget or forecast in QuickBooks.

Budgets: Budget reports from QuickBooks provide you with details on your budgetary revenues and expenditures. You can now see the monthly profits and expenditures of your business in the budget summary. You will get different reports in QuickBooks, such as Budget vs Actual Report, Profit & Loss Budget Results Report, and many others.

Forecasts: QuickBooks Forecasting will assist you with the potential forecasts of the profits and expenditures of your company. With the summary report of the Prediction, for a specific time period that you pick, you would get to know about the monthly forecast profits and expenditures of the company. In comparison, the Estimated vs. Real report will allow you to equate the expected or projected amounts with the budget-to-actual revenues and expenditures or account balances.

How to build a QuickBooks Desktop Budget and Forecast?

Because now you know the key differences between the budget and the forecast, follow the instructions mentioned below in QuickBooks Desktop to create a budget or forecast:

Step 1: Study Data for Last Year

  • In the very first place, before setting up a budget or prediction, you ought to confirm that your fiscal year is configured properly.
  • Switch to the Company menu and click on My Company.
  • Choose the pencil icon, and after that select Report Detail.
  • Assure that your fiscal year’s first month is right.
  • Please select the pencil icon, and then select Report Detail.
  • Assure that your fiscal year’s first month is right.
  • Check the financial records of the last fiscal year.
  • Move the mouse pointer over Business & Financial from inside the Reports menu.
  • First, depending on your outlook or budget, you ought to pick between Profit & Loss Information or Balance Sheet Details.
  • Going further, from the Dates drop-down menu, pick Last Fiscal Year.
  • To end, press Refresh. For further usage, you can also memories this paper.

Step 2: Set up your forecast or budget

You could either start afresh to build a budget and forecast or use the benefit or loss data from last year in order to launch one. Follow the steps given below carefully:

In QuickBooks, how do I build budgets?

●  Move your mouse pointer over Planning & Budgeting from inside the Company menu and choose Set Up Budgets.

●  You have to click the Build New Budget button next.

●  Set the budget for the fiscal year and select one between Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

●  Click Next.

●  You may incorporate additional parameters, such as Employment or Class Track, when selecting Profit and Loss.

● If you choose Profit and Loss, you can either create a budget from scratch or create a budget from the actual data from the previous year.

●  To get the assignment finished, click Finish.

In QuickBooks, how to build a forecast?

  • Moving to the menu of the business and hovering over Preparation & Budgeting.
  • You have to pick the Set up Forecast option next.
  • Thereafter, select the Build New Prediction option.
  • Set the fiscal year for the projection to go forward. Additional parameters, such as occupations or class track, may be added. (Optional)(Optional)
  • Choose between creating a scratch forecast or creating a forecast from the actual data from the previous year.
  • Click Finish, and you’re done.

Go to the Reports menu after you create a budget and forecast in QuickBooks using the steps mentioned above, and pick Budgets and Forecasts to check them.

Conclusion :

If you want to get help with budgeting and forecasting in QuickBooks or have to learn how to use QuickBooks reports for effective financial planning, you can contact our Quickbooks  Support Phone Number. You can also contact us for assistance by sending us an email ( You can browse our site at any time for more information on Quickbooks at

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