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Call QuickBooks Technical Support and Know How to Set up Inventory and Tracking in QuickBooks Online

In this article you will know how to set up Inventory and tracking in Quickbooks. To know more call Quickbooks Technical Support.

Four Types of Inventory Items that you need to track

In QuickBooks Online you can track four different types of items.

Inventory items: These items refer to those items that you buy and/or sell and track quantities of. You have to select tracking quantity on hand option for Inventory items.

Non-inventory items: These items refer to those items that you buy and/or sell but don’t track quantities of. For e.g : nuts and bolts used in an installation.

Services: These are the services that you serve to your clients. For example, landscaping or tax preparation services.

Bundle: It is a collection of product/ services sold together.For eg: gift basket of fruit, cheese, and wine.

1. The items which are by default created by QuickBooks cannot be changed to an Inventory Item type.

2. Items once classified as Inventory cannot be changed.

Items that have been classified as either Non-inventory items or Services can only be reclassified into other category by completely editing the item. To do this you need to follow the steps given below:

• Click on the Gear icon present on the Toolbar

• Select Products and Services.

• Select Edit on the products and services list next to the items that has to be changed.

• Select Change type within the edit screen and then select the appropriate choice.

How to enable inventory tracking

You either need to turn on inventory tracking with quantity on hand or import your products and services Excel/CSV file into QuickBooks Online to enable inventory tracking.

• With quantity on hand, turn on inventory tracking:

• Click on the Gear icon present on the Toolbar.

• Choose Account and Settings or Company Settings under your company.

• Select Sales in the left sidebar

• To track inventory quantity on hand, select the pencil next to Products and services and mark the option

• Select Save.

To import your products and services Excel/CSV files into QuickBooks Online contact QuickBooks technical support.


• Use the Inventory type to track inventory quantity on hand and costs

• You can include “Taxable” data for each inventory item which has been imported using CSV/Excel.

• You’ll need to set up your products after you’ve turned on inventory

To know more on how to set up inventory and tracking in QuickBooks online then call Quickbooks technical support. Also, you can write us at support@quickbooksupport.net. Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service. For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net.

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