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Call Quickbooks Support Number to fix QuickBooks Internet Explorer turned off, error message.

You can experience an Internet Explorer error that is switched off when you open QuickBooks Desktop. This topic has many implications, such as the shutdown of internet explorers, etc. As given below, you will experience some problems: Internet Explorer is disabled in your Windows copy, but it needs to function properly with QuickBooks. Switch on Internet Explorer, please. On the Windows support pages, you will find out how to do this. We will address the causes and solution measures in this post to correct this mistake.

In case you need help with QuickBooks, feel free to get in touch with our professionals by dialing our QuickBooks Help number.

Potential Causes for the occurrence of the error message

  • The software uninstalls Internet Explorer from Windows.
  • Internet Explorer is missing.
  • Installed versions of Internet Explorer are older than 6.0.

Some easy Steps to Repair This Error Internet Explorer turned Off in QuickBooks. 

Step 1: You ought to reinstall it if you have uninstalled Internet Explorer.

  • You may have already uninstalled it, as Microsoft recommended that you uninstall Internet Explorer for security and privacy purposes. But, the features and functions of QuickBooks Desktop still depend on it.
  • Internet Explorer 11.0 is also the last version, but security updates continue to be provided. On the Microsoft website, you can learn more about it.

Internet Explorer to be reinstalled:

  • Reinstall Microsoft Website Internet Explorer
  • Click on the .exe file once the installation is downloaded.
  • Click the Install button to finish the installation process.
  • And after that click Restart Later.

Note: We need to switch Windows features on or off in the Internet Explorer, then we can restart the device.

Phase 2: Switch ON or OFF Windows Functions

  • We ought to turn it on after reinstalling Internet Explorer to make it usable with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To switch to Internet Explorer on
  • To open the Run Command, press the Windows+R keys together,
  • Enter Power, and then click Ok
  • Choose Programs and in that click on Programs and Features from the Control Panel window
  • Click Switch Windows Features On or off on the left screen.
  • Then search Internet Explorer 11 to turn it on.
  • Click on OK

Phase 3: Reboot your PC

You need to restart your machine after adopting the above two steps.

To reboot your computer:

  • Click the button for Start
  • Tap the Power Key to pick
  • Select Restart
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop after restarting your computer. Your programme is back on track now, but if the same issue still persists, please follows the instructions below too.

Phase 4: Make an Internet Explorer Update

  • Right-click on the start button to do so.
  • Choose Configurations
  • Click Security & Update
  • Select a Windows Update
  • Click Updates to Confirm
  • To implement the changes, you need to restart the machine.

Phase 5: QuickBooks Desktop Uninstall and Reinstall

  • If the same issue still persists, you can need to uninstall QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop: to uninstall
  • To open the Run Command, press the Windows+R keys together.
  • Enter Power, and then click Ok
  • Then click on Programs and Features and pick Programs.
  • Pick QuickBooks Desktop from the list under Programs and Features and press Uninstall.
  • If it asks you, click Yes,
  • Select Next, and select Delete from
  • Uninstalling QuickBooks from your computer can take some time.
  • If the installation wizard has successfully uninstalled QuickBooks, press Finish.

Conclusion :

You can no longer face “QuickBooks Internet Explorer is disabled in your Windows copy and after all the above steps, but QuickBooks needs it to work properly.” But if this issue still persists, for a quick resolution, you can talk to our independent experts. You can also ask us for advice by sending us an email on ( You can dial the QuickBooks help number. For more information on QuickBooks, you can visit our website at

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