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You can subtract on your tax returns your car expenses, so you should recognize both the total miles driven by you and the business vehicles for that. QuickBooks offers to monitor the mileage of your business vehicles with its mileage tracker. We’ll help you use the QuickBooks Desktop Mileage tracker in this post. For the tax break, a well logged and full mileage report is crucial, but it is one hell of a challenge to track it on your own. For QuickBooks desktop and web users, QuickBooks has a solution for that. QuickBooks Desktop is one of the QuickBooks variants that stores localized data on the desktop on which you are using it. Even without internet connection, you can run QuickBooks Desktop.

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What’s a Mileage Tracker for QuickBooks?

Let us know what a Mileage Tracker from QuickBooks is? It records the vehicles’ mileage for tax benefits. It also calculates projected tax deductions and enables the mileage details to be included in the other reports to be exported. It has just been made simpler than ever by QuickBooks’ new auto-tracking facility using the QuickBooks app.

 You will have to swipe to switch on auto-tracking and leave QuickBooks for almost everything else. In addition, it also offers you the options for editing the logs.

 What to do to input mileage in the QuickBooks Desktop?

You ought to manually put the measurements of the odometer into QuickBooks Desktop to insert mileage. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to how QuickBooks Desktop can easily use QuickBooks Desktop Mileage Tracker to input mileage.

Move -1: You must go to the menu ‘Business’ and afterwards select the option ‘Enter Vehicle Mileage.’

Move -2: To introduce a new vehicle, click on the ‘Vehicle List’ option and thereafter click on the ‘New’ button. To continue, if you already have any vehicles added and you want to enter their mileage, click on that vehicle from the list.

Move -3: You have to enter the vehicle’s name now. For easy recognition, consider placing separate names. The license plate number of the vehicle can be a good identifier and can be set as a name and then press ‘OK’.

Move -4: Then click on it when you have attached the vehicle and begin filling in the travel information.

Move -5: Add the travel date and odometer readings before and after the journey. Optionally, you can also enter extra details such as who was travelling and what task, or you can do it if you have to attach an invoice with it.

 The mileage would then be measured by QuickBooks itself.

What to do to Track Mileage in the QuickBooks Online?

By using its app, you can automatically monitor the company or private mileage on QuickBooks online. Here you can find comprehensive steps to track mileage in QuickBooks Online.

Step -1: The QuickBooks app should be activated on the vehicle’s mobile phone. To be able to monitor mileage, give location permissions and you will need to be a master administrator.

Step 2: Go to the Mileage section on the app, and then press Auto-tracking.

Step -3: Next to ‘Auto-tracking’ there will be a toggle button; you have to wipe it to turn it on.

Step – 4: Pick the Vehicle Icon from the Mileage option, and afterwards press the ‘Add Vehicle’ option.

Step-5: The vehicle information must be entered and afterwards saved.

QuickBooks will also monitor the mileage of the vehicle itself. The beginning and the end of your journey would also be established. However, you should categorise it as ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’.

Step-6: You have to swipe left for ‘Company’ and right for ‘Personal’ in the ‘Mileage’ column. Attach the trip’s extra info and then save it.


We instructed you about QuickBooks’ Mileage tracker facility via this post and how to use QuickBooks Desktop Mileage tracker. You also heard about the auto-tracking functionality of the QuickBooks Online QuickBooks app. If you still have any concerns about the mileage tracker or need our help to use it, contact QuickBooks Desktop Support for assistance. You can also contact us for assistance by sending us an email at ( You can browse our website at any time for more information on Quickbooks at

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