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Call QuickBooks Desktop Support to Learn How to Change your Payroll Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks app is basic. It must be recalled that the kind of finesse it gives is immense for careful record keeping of financials. In comparison, QuickBooks delivers the best capabilities any accounting software can provide. The QuickBooks is built on a user-friendly interface with many improved features and improvised tools. It can be developed with numerous third-party applications that will make running on this programme easy and secure.

Note: If you want changes to your current bank account immediately because of some distrustful or fraudulent behavior that lacks the protection of your account, such as unauthorized entry, etc., or if you avoid using your bank account, contact Intuit at that moment to get assistance with speeding up your bank account changes.

  • You have to download the Direct Deposit Bank Account Change form for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Generic, Normal, Improved,
  • For  QuickBooks desktop Payroll Assisted:

You may just have to complete the Helped Bank Change form for QuickBooks

Note: This form is only available in Adobe Reader, you need to make sure you complete the whole form and sign it with the primary principal or payroll administrator.

Your completed bank account adjustment form needs to be submitted. The bank account transition cut-off is at 3:00 Pacific time. During the next business day, all requests that are submitted are processed

Phase 1: Gather details on your bank account, principal office address, and Payroll PIN

  • It also considers your bank name, routing number, and account number on a check to get the banking details. While we are strongly recommended to avoid using deposit slips for the routing number.
  • It might ask you for the physical address of your principal officer, but it will never be a P.O. package. Intuit transfers must comply with regulatory requirements, applicable legislation, and other legal codes, and regulations, equivalent to other licensed money transmitters.
  • Ought to know the use of your payroll PIN to submit Intuit payroll from

Phase 2: Set up your bank account in the chart of Account

  • Intuit will add your bank account to your account charts for you here at this point. This is mandatory, since the payroll expenses are reported in the QuickBooks to the proper ledger.
  • Choose Lists and then click on Account Maps
  • Pick Accounts and press the new button.
  • Pick a bank and press the Proceed button.
  • You then have to enter bank account data
  • Click Save and Change to save all the changes that you have made.

Phase 3: Search for overdue (including direct deposits or paychecks) tax refunds and payroll transactions

  • You have to check that you do not have any outstanding or pending tax payments or payroll transfers here in this phase. Then you’ll have to make sure that the adjustment in your bank statement is effective and the payroll funds are deducted from the proper number as well.

Unpaid / Pending tax payments (Enhanced QuickBooks Desktop Payroll)

  • Select Workers, click on the Payroll Center, and select the Pay Liabilities tab.
  • To view any outstanding or overdue tax payments, click the E-Payments page.

Pending transactions with payrolls

  • Pick an employee and press on the Payroll Center.
  • Select the Payroll tab to view all payroll transfers outstanding or unpaid.

Phase 4: Modifying the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Provider Bank Account

Review whether or not you have a bank account set up and be able to manage it on the QuickBooks Desktop. This is the right time for the QuickBooks Payroll Account Management Portal to update the results.

Basic, Standard, Enhanced QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  • Pick Staff, then My Payroll Service, in the initial stage, and afterwards click on the Accounts / Billing Details
  • You then have to log in to your Intuit account.
  • Visit the Payroll Details section, Inside the Direct Deposit Bank Account, and click Edit.
  • Enter your payroll PIN then and after press the option Continue.
  • You must enter the latest bank account details, and then press the Upgrade button. Only press the Close button until you get the confirmation message from your bank.


Supported QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  • Pick Staff, then My Payroll Service, and afterwards press Accounts / Billing Details to enter the Payroll Service Account Management pages and get started.
  • You must click on the Edit button next to the bank account information in the Bank Account Information.
  • Enter your payroll PIN and after that press the option Continue
  • You must enter the latest bank account details, and then press the Upgrade button. Only press the Close button until you get the confirmation message from your bank.

Phase 5: Check your account with the bank

Within a span of 2-3 business days, Intuit will validate your new account along with your two test transactions in this phase. You have to know fewer things about test transactions discussed below before we get started:

  • Two test transfers will show in your bank accounts within a span of 2-3 business days after you have updated your bank account records.
  • Intuit Payroll Service The number included in this should be less than $1.00
  • It is up to you to confirm your bank transfers online or to contact your bank executive to validate your number.
  • Within 3-5 business days, you can get a refund to your accounts for these numbers.

Basic, Standard QuickBooks Desktop, Enhanced Payroll

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop at first,
  • Pick Staff, and after that My Payroll Provider, and press the Accounts / Billing Details tab.
  • Similar to your Intuit account username, you must now sign up.
  • Access the section of Payroll Data. You must press the Verify button on the Direct Deposit Bank Account.
  • The time it takes to manually enter and validate your payroll PIN
  • Eventually, click on Send. When the letter identifying your bank account has been sent from your bank, it has been checked. Choose the Return option for the QuickBooks

 Phase 6: In Settings, change your default bank account

When your bank is checked and you are able to use it for your payroll programme, this is the direction that determines what is left with your default accounting and payroll choices to adjust your existing bank account. It guarantees that payroll transfers and tax refunds are posted in the accounting books to the correct account.

  • Choose Workers first, and afterwards press Submit Payroll Details
  • You then need to pick Preferences in the Send / Receive Data pane.
  • Inside the Account Settings pick the bank account from the drop-down menu (look this way on your screen).
  • Hit the OK key to save all the modifications you have made.
  • In the Send / Receive Data window, it is time to select Close

To successfully adjust the default bank account for your QuickBooks Payroll service liability analysis, follow the steps mentioned below. Those phases are:

  • Open QuickBooks first, then pick Workers, then click on Submit Payroll Info.
  • You must select Priorities to open the Payroll Provider Accounts window and choose your current bank account from the Pay Payroll Liabilities drop-down menu.
  • Click the OK key to save all the modifications you have made.
  • In the end, opt to submit then enter your payroll PIN manually.


There are strong chances and probabilities that this problem can easily be solved by following the steps of our experts mentioned here by reading this article till the end. But if the inquiry is still going on and you can’t execute the measures on your own or you want to remotely resolve this problem. And for that call, our QuickBooks Desktop Support and our experts will assist you. You can get assistance by mailing us at (support@quickbooksupport.net). You can also visit our website at www.quickbooksupport.net for more QuickBooks-related information.

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