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The QuickBooks is certainly one of company owners and CPAs’ most preferred accounting tools. In the QuickBooks, technological challenges are popular, considering all the advantages of accounting management. The QuickBooks error code 6129 happens when the client connection authentication fails or QuickBooks attempts to access the QuickBooks company files, the QuickBooks user is unable to access the company file. Users do not open the data archives of the organization. You will not locate the operating device that holds the company file if the Internet communication network issue is disrupted.

This mistake often happens many times, and because of this error, users do not function properly. So we’re explaining the QuickBooks Mistake 6129 remedy. You can recognize this mistake and easily fix it, as well as you can work with the QuickBooks better and expand your company more efficiently. We explain its causes, benefits, and various remedies explicitly in this blog. Now let’s begin with the QuickBooks Error code 6129.

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What is Error Code 6129 in the QuickBooks?

As QuickBooks users attempt to build the original and current QuickBooks company file, the QuickBooks Error 6129 is seen.  If you have already opened the available file in the QuickBooks, the QuickBooks will produce an error. At First, let us understand the reason for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Code 6129.

Prominent Causes of the QuickBooks error code 6129:

Here we will illustrate the reasons that users of QuickBooks Error code 6129 can search and save their QuickBooks files.

  • The machine is operating in multi-user mode, which is not patched to the new update.
  • Because of a mismatch between the domain of the client and the server.
  • This QuickBooks mistake can occur due to damaged network data log.
  • In case the QuickBooks Company file has been revised to the current edition of non-window admin profiles.
  • If you use the antivirus of a third party, then the QuickBooks Error code 6129 is enabled.

Details of QuickBooks 6129 Error:

Here we are describing some of the QuickBooks error 6129 0 details so users should review and read properly.

  • Name of mistake- QuickBooks Error 6129 0.0.0
  • Error Figure- 6129 0
  • Developer QuickBooks- Intuit.
  • Name of software- QuickBooks Pro.
  • Explanation Error- This error happens when you open QuickBooks files and the client relation is lost.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. • Bring to-

Solutions for Addressing the QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0

The QuickBooks users need the different solution steps to be checked out, which are as follows:

Solution 1: Build and navigate various directories in the QuickBooks Company Files:

  • Once the QuickBooks error has happened, you can first create another folder and also browse to the QuickBooks company file. There are some steps:
  • You should create a new file folder at first.
  • Second, you have to pick the business files for the QuickBooks in the new folder.
  • The QuickBooks company file will now be easy to open by using the new folder and you have used it on one device as well.
  • If you use the same file on several machines, the next step will be carried out.
  • Press on the Start button then.
  • Pick the Software option.
  • Then, press QuickBooks and pick Database Server Manager for the QuickBooks. • Pick the Scan Folder option.
  •  If no folder containing the company file can be found, and after that click on the Add Folder link and add this file.
  • After that tap on scan.
  • Close the window until the scanning process is done.
  • After that, open the company files for the QuickBooks and test whether or not it can work properly.
  • You can quickly solve your dilemma using these steps and even use the QuickBooks business file properly.

Solution 2: On the MS Window, you can use Safe Mode, and then Switch off Antivirus

  • If you are unable to overcome your problem with our number 1 solution, you can try the next solution provided below:
  • You will restart your machine without altering the safe mode.
  • Switch off the antivirus programme running on your device.
  • After that is the latest independent QuickBooks Company file.
  • Secure and safe for regular functioning of the systems.
  • Reset your operating machine then.
  • The QuickBooks app opens after the device begins.
  • Try launching the company file in the QuickBooks, after this.
  • We clarify the safe mode on your systems in these second solutions to protect your application and systems for the QuickBooks. You will also check out our number 3 solution.


Solution 3: Rename the Network Descriptor (.ND) QuickBooks file:

The below is the third solution:

  • At First, you need to verify that your hard drive on the machine that is named .ND in the QuickBooks storage folder for files.
  •  Now as the file is renamed, right-click on the .ND files and enters the old company file name and pick to rename it.
  • At the end of the file name, type the. OLD and press the enter button.
  • If you use the same company file on a separate computer, follow the instructions below: When you use the QuickBooks on one computer, you open the company file.
  • Press the Launch Window button.
  •  Pick a programme, and then choose the QuickBooks.
  • Then, press the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Button and pick the option to search a folder.
  • Add a folder, if there is no folder then contains the company file.
  • Select a folder, so the business file is used if there is no folder.
  • Then, start scanning and press to close the window when the scan is done.

Open the QuickBooks company file now and verify if it is running or not?

Then, we’re explaining Solution No. 4:

Solution 4: Build a new envelope and locate the text for the QuickBooks Organization

You will build a new envelope with this approach and locate the organizing document for QuickBooks as well. There are some steps:

First of all, a separate record analyzer is developed.

Locate the QuickBooks organization papers from the new envelope.

Click the Windows Start Grab button and pick the programmes.

  • after that Click on Program QuickBooks
  • Pick the Server Manager for the QuickBooks database.
  • Press on the Search Folders button next.
  • Now connect and include the archive. If no coordinator includes the paper for the organization.
  • Click on the scan and, when the output arrives, pick the close button.
  • Again, you can open a company folder for the QuickBooks.

You will build the new envelope in these steps and locate the QuickBooks organizing guide as well.

Then there is the next solution, which is:

Solution 5: Because of a mistake when attempting to change a company files

In this 5th solution, we clarify the measures for upgrading the following QuickBooks Company file:

In the very first steps, you open the file to check if your QuickBooks company file still has this mistake, then implement these measures further.

  • Users of QuickBooks can log in to Windows using the Administrator login.
  • After that Refresh the QuickBooks file.


The QuickBooks Error 6129 happens while the file is accessed at any time. This error happens when the QuickBooks’ link fails with their database when the method of authentication is not completely processed. Creating a New Folder and Navigating QuickBooks Business Files will fix this mistake. If you need some guidance with QuickBooks, please feel free to contact the QuickBooks phone number for assistance by calling them. By sending mail to us you can get help and you can contact us at (support@quickbookssupport.net). You can also visit our website at www.quickbooksupport.net to get more information related to the QuickBooks.

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