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Call QuickBooks Support phone number to learn the Steps to Connect Gmail Address to QuickBooks

The QuickBooks helps its consumers to build and send its customers invoices. And you need to attach a Gmail address to the QuickBooks in order to email invoices to QuickBooks. This is the first move you must do if you are still interested in using the QuickBooks invoice function.

In this blog we will discuss about how you can connect your Gmail address to QuickBooks and use it to email invoices, receipts, and more. If you want to get assistance with the matter instead of focusing on it on your own, you can call our QuickBooks Technical Support phone number and chat with our experts.

Steps to Attach Your QuickBooks Gmail Address

The steps that you can use to link your Gmail address to the QuickBooks are listed below. Until you start, remember that only one Gmail address can be connected at a time. You’ll need to uninstall the very first one before you want to connect to some other account.

  • So first, on QuickBooks, you need to build an invoice. Often, you can easily open a current invoice. Fill in the appropriate information now and save and submit the invoice.
  • You will see a drop-down menu called Email on the next tab, at the top of the customer’s email.
  • Simply click the Gmail Address option and after that tap the Google Account Link button.
  • Then Press the Next button.
  • If you’re signed in on your computer for any Gmail accounts, you’ll have the option to pick the email you want to use on QuickBooks, or you can simply sign in.
  • Click Allow and press the Start button.
  • In the provided area, enter your email address and password and tap on Next.
  • Hit Activate and send your customer’s account.
  • Everything that is! You can also submit invoices on QuickBooks via Gmail. Please contact the QuickBooks Technical Support phone number for assistance if anything is bothering you with the process or if you are unable to set up your Gmail account.


Steps for deleting your QuickBooks Gmail Account

  • You should easily delete your present Gmail address from the QuickBooks by following the steps below if you wish to use another Gmail account or your QuickBooks account to send invoices:
  • Open or construct some invoice.
  • Fill in the information you need and then press Save and mail.
  • Tap the Email drop-down menu and pick the button to uninstall a Gmail address.
  • Then, you can add another Gmail account or only use the default email address to give your customers invoices or receipts. If you are having troubles at any point, just give us a call at our QuickBooks helpline Support.

Troubleshooting errors when setting up a QuickBooks Gmail account

Often, you face certain challenges and mistakes as you attempt to connect the Gmail address to your QuickBooks. You cannot be ready to transfer invoices with your Gmail address, for instance, or to get an error message on your phone. If you are still trapped in some such situation and take the following steps mentioned to repair the issue.

Check the Administrator Settings for Google Apps

In case you are looking to add the QuickBooks to your Google Suite applications and have any challenges, you can fix your problem by completing the instructions below. Note that the measures are applicable only for G Suite users not for the standard Gmail account users.

  • At first go to and sign-in to your Google Admin Console.
  • Afterwards, Go to Setup and afterwards select the standard settings.
  • Navigate to the Less Safe Apps area, and then select go to Less Safe Apps Settings.
  • Then choose Encourage users to control access to less secure apps under the sub-window, or Implement access to less secure apps on all users.
  • In case you have selected the option “Allow users to control their connection to less protected applications,” you should implement the two steps mentioned below:
  • Go to My Account then navigate to the segment on Less Healthy Applications.
  • Tap the turn-on button adjacent to the Less Stable Applications Access option.
  • Check to see if there is already an issue with linking your Gmail account. Move to the next stage if the issue continues, or contact the QuickBooks technical support for assistance.

Adjust Expectations for Your Submitting Forms

  • If you continue to encounter errors when setting up a new Gmail address on QuickBooks, you can help correct your problem by following the below process.
  • Navigate the button for Edit and go to Settings.
  • From the left side of the window, select the Submit form choice.
  • Pick Webmail under the Email Submit option.
  • To add your username, click on the Add tab.
  • Now, in the field provided, enter your email address.
  • Choose others in the Email Provider box.
  • Enter the “smtp-re;ay.gmail.com” registry name.
  • Add 587 to the number for the terminal.
  • Allow Encryption for SSL and press Ok.

Hit Ok once again to leave.

Start sending an invoice with your updated QuickBooks Gmail address to see if you’re still facing a problem.

Seeking Inference

We hope with the help of the above blog you will be able to link your Gmail account to the QuickBooks effectively. However, if you are still unable to connect your Gmail address to the QuickBooks for any reason, then give us a call on our Quickbooks Support Phone Number for QuickBooks or speak with our techs online to get assistance. We remain committed to delivering the latest support and advice to our customers. You can still write to us via (support@quickbooksupport.net). You can also visit www.quickbooksupport.net for more information about QuickBooks.

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