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QuickBooks error code 6189 is an error in run time. Whenever you try running QuickBooks Desktop or open a company files (.QBW) on a multi-user network, you can encounter this error. Though the message that is displayed with this error provides few information, however the users may find it hard to know the the underlying cause and ways to correct it.

Occasionally the QuickBooks error 6189 with an error message “QuickBooks cannot open the company file” is found when you try to access the company files.

In this post we will understand more about the QuickBooks Error 6189 and, its reasons and how to solve this issue.

  • Causes for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error code 6189
  • Ways to resolve the  QuickBooks Error Code 6189.

The major causes behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error code 6189

Normally one such error appears when the QuickBooks attempts to view the company file. It can even happen because of a multi-user network, not with your accounting data.

  • In QuickBooks DataServiceXX or Windows, restricted users get the consent or permission to assign.
  • The QuickBooks version fails to match the company file. It occurs as an early version of QuickBooks tries to access a newer version tab. in this case you will be required to update company files to an updated version of QuickBooks.
  • If the log file for the company transaction is older than the company file you are attempting to access that leads to the error.
  • Missing data or damaged company files QuickBooks.
  • When the data of company file and the transaction log file for QuickBooks is corrupted / damaged or lost,
  • If the Windows drives which is required to run the QuickBooks are missing or damaged.
  • Some other cause of this error is if the user logged in to the QuickBooks using single-user mode.
  • Incomplete QuickBooks installation could also be the main cause for this error.

So here are a few measures to rectify your multi-user network problem with QuickBooks Desktop and run again.

 Ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6189.

Step 1: Download and run QuickBooks Refresher

At first download and run the QuickBooks Refreshers on the infected system having this issue. It would remove all of the background programs that are possibly the cause for the occurrence of the error. It refreshes all of the operation, too.

  1. Firstly, download the refresher from QuickBooks, and then install all the files. And after that save those files at a place where you can quickly reach.
  2. Make sure no other task runs on the QuickBooks.
  3. After that check and close all of the QuickBooks versions that run on your computer.
  4. Then double-click on the file QBRefresher.exe to run the program.
  5. The Quick books Refresher runs in 30 seconds, you only need to execute the on-screen directions.

Upon the completion of the installation, open the QuickBooks Desktop again.

In case you are still struggling with error then move to the next step to fix the error.

Few times you are required to reset the entire system and for that follow the guidelines:

Step 2: Restart complete systems and servers

  1. Firstly, restart the server system (the server hosting the company file).
  2. After that restart each workstation (to which the other systems are linked to via a network which does not host the company file).
  3. Afterwards, open the QuickBooks on your server system and on other workstations which are connected via your network to the server system.

If you are able to open the QuickBooks then its fine, however if the error is still encountered then switch to the next step.

Step 3: The QuickBooks database server Manager installation on your computer

When you are hosting your own network, the QuickBooks Database Server Manager helps to stabilize the multi-user network.

Repair the QuickBooks Error

  1. Initially, download and install the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (the one that host your company files) on your server system. QuickBooks Database Server Manager does not require a license of the software.
  2. Once the installation is done after that opens the Windows Start Menu.
  3. Then, open Server Manager for QuickBooks Database.
  4. Please ensure you have the new QuickBooks Database Manager version.
  5. Then again start the system after the update is finished.
  6. And finally, open the QuickBooks on the server system and workstation.

Corrupted Windows Drive

 In case the error persists, that may result into a damaged Window drive that is being used by you for the QuickBooks.  To upgrade or run Windows drive you can download or install a new window drive upgrade utility. You can take assistance from any expert or professional if you are finding it difficult to do.

Step 4: Move the company files into your local hard drive

 In case the QuickBooks error -6189 stills persists and the company file is still saved on a removable drive or online. Then, to switch the company file to a local drive follow the procedures.

You can transfer the company file from one device to another quickly. So that, it is available anytime a system error happens, or just because you want to update the device.

When the approaches mentioned above aren’t working for you then you can switch to these solutions

Solution 1: Backup and restore your file

  1. Firstly, make a copy of the file on the old system.
  2. After that Copy all backup files into the new system:
  • Hold the company file backup using  a flash drive, or other external device;
  • It can even be done with the network in case the systems are connected.
  1. Set backup to the new system.

Retrieves the incomplete forms and templates from a restored backup

Based on the actual position, data from add-ons, including the QuickBooks Loan Manager, may be removed from backup. You can separately restore the custom templates and incomplete forms from a restored backup.

  1. Check your company file named Restored Company Name Files where you stored it
  2. After this copy the desired file, and then paste it to the correct location.

The Restored Company Name Files comprise several other files that you will be required to copy manually.


Solution 2:  Transfer of the whole data folder to the QuickBooks

 You can transfer your file even without creating a back up.  Moving to the whole folder wouldn’t change the records, but certain files you need to transfer manually would not be transferred over.

  1. Find where the file is stored
  • When a file is open: Press F2 (or Ctrl+1). Recognize where the File Information section is located.
  • When the file is closed: Open QuickBooks Desktop.  You will receive the path to the file in the No Company Open window.
  1. Move to the tab.
  2. And after that right-click on the folder and choose Copy.
  3. Then, paste the folder on the external device such as flash drive, hard disk, thumb drive etc.
  4. Plug the computer into the new system, and transfer the data to the local drive.
  5. Then open your file once you have launched QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 3: use of Intuit data protection to perform the restoration.

  1. Makes a copy of the company file on the old system.
  2. Then, on the latest system sign in to IDP.
  3. After that recover all of the backup files with the help of IDP.

There are a few files that are passed on and restored:

 Files within data folder of the QuickBooks:

  • Files of logos and images
  • Files with the transaction log (.tlg)
  • Files with the network data (.nd)
  • The files showing Projection of Cash Flow (.cfp)
  • The files of Loan Manager (.lmr)
  • Files for business Planners (.bpw) (QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise only)

 Multiple location files:

  • QuickBooks Templates and Letters
  • Spell Checker
  • fixed Asset Manager
  • Printer setting is files that QuickBooks can replicate
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer (Enterprise and Premier Accountant only)
 Note: Please store QuickBooks files on the hard drive of your workstation, and your company file. Many of the online files hosting services such as Drop box, Google Drive and Box.net are easy, but they also create problems. Never store the files on external or removable drives.


The QuickBooks error 6189 is a run time error caused while the user try to access the company file on a multi user network. In the above article we have explained the ways to eradicate the error. However, if you find it difficult to understand, you can get in touch with executives. Our accredited experts provide technical assistance 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. If you would like to discuss even more please feel free to email us. You can also call our QuickBooks Error Support Number if you have some other problem. You can however write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net. For some more information please visit – www.quickbooksupport.net.

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