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Call QuickBooks Desktop Support and know how to enter due bills and payments in QuickBooks

In this article you will learn how enter due bills and payments in QuickBooks.  To know more contact QuickBooks Desktop Support.

Steps to enter your bill

  1. Click on the Plus (+) present at the top, and then choose Bill.
  2. Enter the needed information.
  3. Click on Save.

Steps to pay bills : 

  • Your bills can be paid through Pay Bills or Check.
  • Pay Bills –with the help of this screen you can pay to multiple vendors and bills at one time.
  • Click on the appropriate Payment account.
  • Box next to each bill being paid in this session will be selected.
  • If you want separate dates enter the date of payment you will need to record separate payments for each date.
  • Enter the amount of the payment which you need to apply to the open bill.
  • Select Save and print or Save as soon as you are finished.
  • Fields that you see in the Pay Bills screen
  • Payment account – account from which you pay the bills. You will need to enter each partial payment separately if you want to pay from different accounts.
  • Payment date – date of payment.

Filter – adjust the filters to show the correct open bills.

The filters can be adjusted for:

Date – when the date bill is due, default of last 365 days.

From & To – specify a range of date.

Payee – the customer or vendor for the bill.

Location – the work site or business for the bill.

Overdue status only – show bills which are only due in the past.

Check – for paying one vendor at a time you can use this screen. It has more information than the bill itself.

  • Click on the plus icon (+), and then choose Check.
  • Enter the needed information.
  • If you’re using location tracking select a location.
  • On the right side, select Add arrow to add bills to the check.
  • To open vendor credits to apply to the check select Add arrow (this step is optional).
  • Enter the amount of Payment.
  • Enter a Memo or add Attachments (this step is optional).
  • Click on Save and new or Save and close.


  • Click on the Gear icon present at the top. You can select from 50, 150, and 300 rows displayed per page accordingly.
  • To know more about applying partial credits, contact QuickBooks Desktop Support.

Applying Partial Credits

To multiple bills from the same vendor you can easily apply partial credits. You’ll see the credit amount in the “Credit Applied” column if the vendor has a credit. Type in how much of that available credit you wish to apply to that bill. The available credit amount will update and reflect how much of that credit is still left once you click out of that box.

With the help of these key terms you can identify the account and item detail

Please Note: Certain fields may or not be present depending on your Account and Settings.

  1. Vendor – the person/entity you owe the money to.
  2. Mailing address – the postal address of the vendor.
  3. Terms – conditions on which vendor expects payment.

Example: “Due on receipt” this means that the payment is due immediately.

  1. Bill date – the date on which bill was created, entered, or received.
  2. Due date – the date on which payment must be remitted to vendor.
  3. Bill no. – A number or reference which distinguishes current bill from others under the category of same vendor.
  4. Location – assign this bill to a particular segment of your business or a work site (if you are using the Location or Department tracking feature).


Account Details

Account – every transaction that takes place affects a minimum of two accounts. Accounts Payable is automatically hit by bills and for the bill in this field you will select the second account.  This is treated in the expense account, for example: utility expense. Please refer to your accountant or bookkeeper if you are not sure what to choose.

Description – some lines about the business expense.

Amount – the total amount that is due for the bill or line item.

Billable –for reimbursement, mark this option to assign this bill to a customer.

Markup% – you will charge the billable customer the amount of markup.

Tax – when you request reimbursement for the bill, check this box if you will tax the billable customer.

Customer – choose a customer whose spending you need to in their account, or to bill them later for all kinds of expenses incurred.

Class – additional tracking for the line item or the account listed on the bill.

Item Details

Product/service – the services or item you received.

Description – some lines about the product or service.

Qty – the number of times the service was performed or the quantity of items.

Rate – the rate of purchase per unit.

Amount – the cost calculated by multiplying the quantity by the rate, or a simple dollar value.

Billable – put a check mark on this option to assign this bill to a customer for reimbursement.

Markup% – the amount of markup that will be charged from the billable customer.

Sales Amt – the total amount due including tax.

Tax – if you will tax the billable customer check this box when you request reimbursement for the bill.

Customer – choose a customer whose spending you wish to track in their account, or to bill them later for the expenses.

Class – additional tracking for the line item or the account listed on the bill

Memo – a note for the bill. This note will not be shown on the Pay Bill screen.

Attachments – attach documents such as a PDF copy of the receipt for the bill.

To know more on how to enter due bills and payments in QuickBooks desktop, call on our QuickBooks desktop support number. You can also write to us at support@quickbooksupport.net . For more information visit, www.quickbooksupport.net

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