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Call QuickBooks Customer Support to Integrate T sheets and QuickBooks Desktop using Web Connector

You might be using QuickBooks software since long, but you have never came across this situation, what if this time you have faced. And you still need to complete the job you have been assigned. Thus, in this post we will update you about integration of T sheets and QuickBooks Desktop while using the Web Connector.

QuickBooks is one of the leading software that you access for your company file, whatever you used to do earlier in book keeping, all that you can perform in single platform is your business accounting.

Go through the methods given by QuickBooks Customer Support team:

Before you get started

In QuickBooks:

  • Turn on the notification for “Full payroll” preferences option
  • Ensure your starting date of week matches in both QuickBooks and T Sheets
  • Check  “Use time data to create pay checks” is marked in both the Company-wide preferences, and for each of the single active employee
  • You must check for all employees who are set up with at least one payroll item
  • You must verify that you are able to sign in as the main admin
  • You can log in with the username which will act as an admin
  • You will be able to switch to single user mode
  • You should be on the computer on which you will be using to sync T Sheets and QuickBooks Desktop because the sync can only be performed in one place.
  • Must check for all users who must have time which is exported to QuickBooks which is added in QuickBooks as either an Employee or Vendor

All are accessible on the same computer:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop Company file which you want to integrate with T Sheets
  • Log in as admin and that too in single user mode
  • Now, once you have logged in to QuickBooks, it’s time to log in into T Sheets as an administrator.

With this you will be able to integrate the QuickBooks Desktop and T sheets but if at all bugs persists you can consult QuickBooks Customer Support to resolve the issue.

You can also add on some tools in T sheets QuickBooks integration by following the below listed methods:

  • IN T sheets, click on the Feature Add ons
  • Choose Manage Add ons
  • In the list menu, click on QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  • Choose Install
  • You must select the instances on which you want the details
  • If the warning window is displayed, go through the warning once
  • If you want to continue, click on Ok and then choose Delete
  • Click on Advanced Set up
  • Select the link of Web_connector
  • Try to open the downloaded file
  • In Security window tab, choose OK
  • Click on Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open
  • Choose Continue
  • IN the access information window, choose Done
  • IN Set up Web Connector, search for the password
  • Hit Enter after typing the password
  • Choose Update Selected
  • Click ok

If by accessing all these steps, you can add on tool to integrate it is great and you have succeeded, if not immediately consult QuickBooks Customer Support. You can also mail your query regarding issues you come across on our mail id at support@quickbooksupport.net. You may also visit our website for more related detailed content at www.quickbooksupport.net.

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