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Learn to Fix Errors for Processing Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Point of Sale with QuickBooks POS Support

There are number of reasons that you are not able to process the credit or debit card transaction. You must go through the steps to get back to working of cards within QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. You must use this challenging software to enhance your accounting data in your business so as to become a challenging software by making its complete usage.

Listed below are some of the errors, which you finds out when you are not able to take a card payment.

  • Invalid PIN number
  • Invalid Type of Credit Card
  • Invalid Merchant Number
  • When some specified card type is not permitted
  • When card does not support
  • Invalid merchant account
  • Not able to recognize Merchant account information

QuickBooks POS Support helps to solve this issue. These errors occurs when there is invalid entry from the customer or employee. You are just required to find the main cause of the error:

  • You can make use of some other card for processing the transaction to find out if the issue is occurring from the system or the type
  • Rather than the card insertion try for keying the card
  • Clean your cache and temporary files and folders
  • Must access some other terminal

To Verify the Preferences

You must follow the guidelines very strictly, as to overcome this issue:

  • Click on Preferences tab
  • Choose Company in QuickBooks
  • In the File menu, on the Left Pane, Choose Receipt Tendering
  • In the Sales tab, select the specified check to assure the card type

QuickBooks POS Support helps you to resolve the issue of process credit card transactions.

To Process Payments

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop on your PC, follow the below listed steps to process the payments with the help of QuickBooks POS Support.

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale,
  • Click on Make a Sale
  • Choose the items and click on Credit
  • Choose the preferred credit card payment:
    • PIN Pad
    • Swipe
    • Manual
    • Voice
  • Now, try to insert the card then click on Authorize

We really hope we were able to provide you the content to resolve your queries. If you are still finding any error, feel free to contact us on QuickBooks POS Support. You can also send us a mail at support@quickbooksupport.net. You can stay in touch with our experts available all round the clock and available geographically. With the constant support QuickBooks POS Support, you may feel tension free while you are on a run to QuickBooks. You can also visit @  www.quickbooksupport.net. 

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